[Sugestion] Hand up animation - let bastard to loot you instead of instakill

I would really want to have it in game. You can press some key to hands-up and then anyone can loot you like you would be dead or sleeping. I would decrease instakilling problem. Also it would help to give item to our teammate (to give what he wants).

What’s keeping them from killing you anyway when you have your hands up? If you suddenly become invulnerable while surrendering people would find a way to abuse it.

i would be like this. Hands up or ill shoot you shoots that guy

if saying “please dont kill me” in voice does nothing to reduce KOS, why would a hands up gesture?

that’s not to say i’m against gestures for rp purposes, but in vanilla it’s not really going to make a significant difference to instakill.

I agree with this feature, of course it wouldn’t remove killing entirely but I would much prefer giving a player the option of surrendering as opposed to just killing them for loot “just to be safe”.

Seems like a fairly straight forward implementation and would make encounters feel more realistic.

I dunno I might feel a bit worse gunning a guy down if he was hands up instead of pointing a crossbow at my face yelling stuff like “friendly”. I could disarm him and carry on my way. I guess it depends on your motive, usually I shoot so that I don’t get shot, not to steal stuff.

Some guys destiny is only loot others and they don’t care you are dead or not. Giving ‘hands up’ ability would lower deaths to freshspawns.

I do agree to that. I think it would definitely help somehow to have this Hands up emotion. Sometimes I just want somebody else to scan me just to indentify I don’t have weapons on me. Now he can’t see what I have in my inventory, so his logical way of thinking is to kill me and lay a bag for me. That’s very time consuming, which can be solved by this idea.

Nevertheless I don’t think they ever gonna implement it. Maybe when the handcuff idea will be added, they might consider this;) But the handcuffing thing came along in 2014, and its still not here!:frowning:

I think one of the rational motivations for KOS is the inventory system. You can have an AK, rocket launcher w/e in your inventory but you look like a naked. Presumably you carry it in your asshole. Without being able to quick assess a person’s actual gear, there’s no reason to take risks.

I have been downed then saved by merciful players, after they’ve robbed me of valuables.

Maybe this hands up animation!