What happens is:
I’m there coding toybox entities, instead of ALT Tabbing, I just open Q menu and use a bogus entity that I have on the Workshop and change it’s code.
But what happens, I have to reconnect every single time that I change the code, it’s not such a big deal, my rig is fast and I don’t have much ADDONS.
What might happen:
The guy updates a LIVE entity, and people thinking that it’s now fixed, will spawn it, and will still have the bug, and will add a comment saying that: “You’re st00pid go learn to code”.
I guess a CRC check might fix the issue, or updating the LUA when you click on it again, LUA codes are quite small, so it wouldn’t cause a big overload on the server.

Oh, btw, my friend is posting this because my activation e-mail won’t ever reach my mailbox (nor my spambox).

Also, great job Garry, keep it up!

You don’t need to reconnect every time - Just click the “Mine” icon, it reloads the page, and when you click your entity it grabs the update.

Or use the toybox_ console commands to test locally instead of updating the website every time.

Or you just code a entity that works to start with.