[Sugestion] Weight

Well, this is not an original idea but it make sense and help for the gameplay.

The idea it’s very easy: Weight. You can carry all what you want but the heavier it gets slower you move. So, if you go naked without anything you will go as fast as you can, however, if you go full set kevlar with a lot of weapons, C4,… then you won’t run as fast as a naked guy… And you will move slower if you raid house and get all their stuff.

I hope you can understand me without problems…

With this idea we can avoid that fast-raiding attemps & people who run all time with kevlar, guns etc… so the people naked & with less items will have a chance.

Ty for reading

I second this motion.

The idea is that naked people with no gear should have next to no chance, you hide and build things until you are ready to venture out.