Suggest for items to camouflage your base

Everyone knows that raiding is one part of this game. It is very exciting but i think that it is too easy to find bases of other players. Also only few players build their base in forests or trying to hide it somehow. Maybe only exception is caves. Those are popular places where build bases.

Thats why I suggest that there could be more camouflaging stuff like plantable trees and bushes, maybe camo skins to building parts or something like camo nets. Maybe it could hide you better from helicopter also.

Why is there ropes in this game, like escape ropes or as a part of crafting rope stuff.

For example it would be also nice if there will be bigger trees where you could build a base. These trees should be harder to chop down. It doensn’t otherwise make sense to build in those. These tree homes would be different than regular buildings. Some rope bridges could be part of those also if you could craft ropes and items of it.

One other interesting item would be rope trap:

It would be cool that other players or maybe animals also keep hanging on tree when they step to it. Some bleeding should cause but if you have friend close they could save you.

Be great if there were dense rocky areas again like in legacy. Had all sorts of fun hiding bases there and finding others.