Suggest Official Server gamemode

We are currently trying to figure out which gamemode we should use for the Official Servers.
So if there is any gamemode you love and that you want to see on our well administrated and beginner friendly servers, tell us about it!
We would appreciate if you could submit some suggestions in this thread, and maybe your idea will soon be on our two servers.:dance:

If you suggest Fretta, please include which particular one(s). :goleft:
:cop: Please do not suggest Trouble in Terrorist Town or any Roleplay. :cop:
Our servers are provided by our bros at brohoster.:buddy:


If you could describe that a little bit further it would really help us if it comes to this choise. (Add-ons, maps…)

While sandbox would be all fine and dandy, the people coming into the server would often be mingebags and would try to fuck it up for everyone else.

Just sandbox on gm_flatgrass, maybe a rotation between gm_flatgrass and gm_construct. I don’t know how many servers you are planning on having, maybe have one with wiremod and one without (for people who don’t like wiremod), and have a few (not too many) handy STools on them like stacker.


Well the servers should be administrated by all the admins, being the official servers, they should be administrated as much as possible so that any new players coming to them get a good initial impression of the GMod community (if such a thing is possible).

We currently have 1 EU 1 US Server Set up with gm_flattgras, stacker, Adv. Dupe and PlayX.

Try getting a different gamemode from all the rest? A unique one like GMTower did?

I would surely host it, but I have no one to write it and/or come up with the ideas.

Maybe you could get some of the talented scripters who scour these sub-forums?

I dont think that anyone wants to come up with and script a whole gamemode just for these servers. Exclusive stuff isnt what I wanna do anyway.

Keeping true to the Garry’s Mod style with sandbox on gm_flatgrass would be a very good idea especially for an official server.

To elaborate on that ofcourse you would like other content aside from just being basic so I would recommend possibly installing a few of the most popular add-ons on to honor the users who contribute and change every few weeks or so, to keep it fresh.

Don’t really see why you would need PlayX as far as I know it’s just commonly used with watching YouTube videos on a prop tv.

Anyway, just throwing it out there.

Vanilla sandbox on flatgrass would be nice for a change

Yeah, just plain old sandbox would be nice. No wire or PHX.


sandbox with gm_construct. Just how garry made it to be.

Vanilla sandbox is far more fun with friends than any bloated sandbox.

Some modified but not bloated sandbox would be nice

Sandbox with Adv. Dupe, Stacker and PlayX
Construct or flatgrss?
Any other mods?

PlayX? I think that’s going overboard.

The map really depends on the player number. I love construct, but flatgrass is more accommodating to bigger contraptions.

I agree with Vanilla sandbox (I am partial to gm_flatgrass myself :D), but maybe a few sprinkles wouln’t hurt ;D
Simple prop protection, and some RDMing prevention (kicks/bans?)

Vanilla is great in SP and w/ friends, but is not feasible w/ the mingebag to respectable player ratio in (most) open online games.

This should apply to at least one of the servers.

When the Colonies mod is completed(I don’t see that happening any time soon), I would suggest that that be included on one of the sandbox servers w/ many addons.