Suggestable mods for my server

I will hopefully get into hosting my own server, but i want to know some good addons (STools, ents, sweps, admins mods, npcs, model packs etc…)

i got ASSmod currently, i have some STools, a few random sweps on it, wiremod phx aswell.

so whats some like neat STools and needed addons for a decent sandbox server?

all servers need to have something that makes them different from other ones, like huds, and stuffs like that,

my friend made a server were you can randomly spawn with different weapons from CS realistic weapons
and it has a cool hud on the server too, and the hl2 weaps are disabled, what would be cool to make my
server different from others? what addons? or ideas for addons that could be made for me w/e

D= no replies?

Steal his script.

Hint hint.

Ask nicely.

umm, i wouldent steal his script, i dont want to ask =D
i want one unique, not if its like his,

wait, andrew?