Suggested Ideas Collaboration

Some of these I’ve suggested before, others I’ve seen suggested, and feel free to add on to or debate each idea.

  1. Prone/Crawl function - moves slower than crouch, makes zero noise even when crawling through brush. Only able to use food/bandages/guns/short range melee (no spear)

  2. Drag carcass/incapacitated player - helpful during a firefight (especially with the 1 knockdown before death thing they recently implemented)

  3. Upgradeable bone knife to treat it like other tools (bone/stone/metal)

  4. Throw your rock on right click - would be used as a last resort but would be thrown like a shotput. If it hit the head it would do a fair amount of damage

  5. Masks/Helmets for EACH armor set - Bone, Wood, Roadsign ect

  6. Some head items can be “attached” to others - it would be purely for cosmetic purposes, but you would retain armor values from the higher item (metal facemask WITH wolf hat ect) - OR - release new head items that could look like the burlap mask with the wolf hat ect. One i REALLY want to see though, combine the candle hat with the pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern helmet. Would be toggleable and look spooky as hell.

  7. “Headhunting” - Being able to harvest the heads of your foes OR your prey (deer, bear ect) and have the option to mount them inside your house (think wooden sign with attach option) OR mount them on pikes on the ground. Both of these would be exactly like the sign in the aspect of being able to modify whats displayed until you put the lock on it.

  8. Graveyards - I want to see some sort of mass graveyard on rust or mass graves around the map. Some loot might spawn, but you would need a gas mask to enter due to the smell of decomposing bodies. Would be treated similar to radiation but loot would strictly consist of what a player might have on their person at the time of death. Tools, minor gear, ect. Just to make it even more fun you the loot would randomly be distributed amongst the wrapped bodies so you would have to check each one individually.

  9. GORE - that says it all.

  10. The ability to import images on wooden signs on official servers

  11. Tents - 100 cloth, 300 wood, 50 fuel - small tent that comes with a small wooden box, lamp, and sleeping bag. Would have low HP but would essentially be a “mobile” spawn point as you can store some loot in the chest, have some light, and go inside of the tent (only while crouching) and zip/unzip the entrance. Would also be able to “repack” and pick it up after a 5 second delay that would immobilize you for the duration. Would be somewhat loud while doing this. Last note on the tent is you can “steal” other people’s tents by packing them up and after you place it the bag inside the tent becomes yours.

  12. New Trap BP’s - Pitfalls,spiked pitfalls, pressure plates rigged to fire arrows/shotguns ect.

  13. More wildlife - Neutral and Aggressive - Mountain Lions, Ducks, Sheep, Cattle - Also some wolves (or in some areas) they should “hunt” in packs at night so its dangerous to be out after dark

  14. Metal-Tipped Arrows - Because everyone wants the crossbow damage and not everyone can afford the crossbow.

  15. More clothing BP’s - Balaclava, Bandit Facemask, Goggles, Hoodies WITH the hood up, ect.

  16. Some sort of block or parry function with certain melee weapons. If the weapons are about on par (damage AND current durability) they can block or parry ect. The least damaged weapon would do more durability damage to the higher damaged item. Smashing damage could break a sword, a sword could break a spear, ect. If you miss your block/parry you are unable to run until the animation is done

  17. 1H Shield - goes in equipment slot - only usable with 1H weapons but spear is an exception 'cause spartaaa! (machete, hatchet, salvaged Sword, ect) - With the proper weapon out holding right click would pull up the shield and perform a “block” but suffers durability damage equal to half of the damage that would have been dealt. Very effective vs melee weapons, weak vs ranged/guns

  18. Fishing - We can hunt for food, why not fish? And on that note why not add sharks and other nasties so those pesky newmans don’t swim across the bay or just off the shoreline for too long

  19. Salt lick BP (for attracting Deer) AND being able to “bait” snap traps with human meat for boars/bears

  20. Scarring - Wounds STAY visible on your character until death. If you get shot down by an arrow through the shoulder, but manage to get up and run away OR he lets you go, you have a mark on your shoulder until you die and it resets. Ideally would work for any kind of damage (sword hack mark, spear impalement, ect)

  21. BP’s for Hairstyles - Mullet, Spiked, Mohawk, Bob, Pigtails, Ect. NOT GENDER SPECIFIC

  22. Some sort of weapon to temporarily incapacitate a player without killing them - Sap, Stun gun, w/e - would have a 60 second delay or so as to avoid being abused, might cut down on alot of the unintentional KoS because there’s been times where I killed someone because he saw me trying to sneak past him and ran right at me. This way you could knock em down for 10 seconds (would NOT be able to loot during this time) and run off on your merry way.

Any comments, or things to add?

  1. Metal-Tipped Arrows - Because everyone wants the crossbow damage and not everyone can afford the crossbow.

Because constantly ha sing to craft metal arrows is cheaper than 1 crossbow…

23) More building plan objects to allow for more dynamic building. Things like triangle blocks, trap door flooring, trap doors, low wall door frame, low wall door, half wall, half foundation, fake floors, pyramid roofing, perhaps right angle things, garage door frame for upcoming vehicles, and the list goes on. To make room for the additions, the pie menu could be altered as follows:

24) Long overdue armored boxes.

25) Rain/snow puts out fires that have no roofing over it.
26) Add heat damage in the desert (during the day) especially when wearing heavy clothing and even more so with metal armor.