[Suggestion] A different door system

Hey there.

Currently only the player that created the door can open and close it. I suggest a complete new approach for doors.

When crafting a door you should be able to set a 4 digit code as your door lock, such as 5523 or 9233 for example. The game will then generate a key with said digits engraved on them, but the code should not be visible to other players. The digits are just a system for players that work like the bit keys for real life door locks. This would give doors a new and unique function as other players could kill you and simply rob your key and thus gain access to your house without having to break the door. Deaths become meaningful. You could set for every door a different code so your enemies would need more than one key to gain full access to your house.

This system creates one problem: What if you die and you did not craft a spare key? There could be different approaches to this. A) It’s your fault for not having a spare key hidden somewhere. Screw you. B) Keys could be lootable by enemy players, but keys are being transfered over to all of your characters, such as blueprints currently do, as long as said doors exist in the world.

This could be combined with new tiers of doors. A simple wooden door for example without a lock could be opened and closed by all players. You could place them in your house for sealing off your rooms - creating immersion. You could also craft more advanced doors such as a wooden door with a lock, for which you would need iron ore to craft. And so on and so forth. Crafting keys above a bonfire could require a crucible and metal. Wooden keys are also possible, but they could have a small chance of breaking and thus rendering your door unusable.

Obviously this suggestion is only a sketch of what is possible with doors. Feel free to comment.

Iz dunz likez itz

I think that’s too complicated… if they key carried over even after death… that’s not much different than what it is now. still only you would be able to open your house XD… I think all door should be able to be opened by everyone, unless you craft a lock (out of 2 metal fragments) and put it on the door. you could type in the names of players who are allowed to open the door when you click on the lock. this would remove the amount of frustration and hassle there is when you live with a group of people. of course, bandits could still just knock your door down…

Or you could have it so you can add people to your door so they can open and close it like in Garry’s Mod DarkRP.

I very much like the idea of crafting door keys and being able to make doors that dont have locks. Also the key in blueprints idea could work as in each door has a unique ID which it obviously already does and in your blueprints as long as the door exists you would see Door Key : <doorid> which you could craft to be able to gain acess to that door again people should also be able to make a lockpick set sort of thing and you should also be able to rename doors so that the <doorid> would be easier to remember however it would still have the same <doorid> (in the background (serverside)) but clientside you would see the name you set. eg if i placed a door and it got the id <1143> i then renamed my door to “Venomeaters door#1” all clients now think of it as “Venomeaters door#1” whereas the server thinks of it as door 1143 i hope this makes sense. It does to me :stuck_out_tongue: