[Suggestion] A new mechanic to Reviving players.Suggestion

Rusts current revival system is a simple hold E click revive and the downed player is revived instantly.

I suggest we remove that system completely and have it so players must bandage or medical syringe downed players to revive them.

This will force players to choose whether to expose themselves to revive friends, or dispose of imminent danger first before giving medical aid. Clans and groups may also opt in for a person who holds many medical items and be the medic while others focus on killing.

Take note: (This is already a mechanic in the game because healing to 10hp from 5hp when downed will revive you).

This is not something I’m typing in a fit of rage after dying, I’ve had this on my mind for some time.

TL;DR: Remove the instant revival mechanic and let people revive newmans by using medical items such as bandages and epi-pens by pressing right click(which is already a mechanic).

This makes sense 2 me more dynamics can only be a good thing for the future of rust.

i agree that revival should require an item. and have the amount of health on revival depend on the item used, ie bandage revives at very low health.

I think reviving should take a little more time than less than 3 seconds. When you’re trying to pick up an injured human who doesn’t have the strength to lift themselves, they are going to be quite heavy.

Maybe you can’t revive them unless you have the medical supplies in your inventory. When you revive them, they disappear from your inventory and the revived person’s health goes up depending on what you have.

But what if you down someone…check their loot…then help them up? Would they be SOL?

Add carrying dead/unconscious bodies, and this will be cool as fuck.