Suggestion: A Universal PBR Texture Packs to make it look consistant among maps (HL2/HL:A texture replacement)

Suggestion, Since we cant use HL:A assets, I was thinking that there should be a universal community texture pack. For commonly used textures in maps. Similar to what hl2 textures where to gmod. These textures would be generic. For example: Grass, Roads, Bricks, Concrete, Glass. Doing so will make the map fit each others style in a cohesive way like in gmod. Similar to what makes gm_construct look cohesive to rp_downtown.

On how this could be done: I think this can be similar to the DM game mode repo, but this time around its crowed sourced. Where Facepunch does the work and the community can help out and make suggestions on what needs to be in, because they will use it.

Since we are getting assets from rust, I wouldn’t think it too far fetched to have some textures from it too but I’m not sure if they have said anything about it specifically.

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Just use

Having a bunch of ‘standard’ assets sounds cool in theory, but it just means that people are going to spend less time considering textures imo

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it also means things would likely be more cohesive in style


Outside of maps from the same gamemode, who cares about that?

The team is working towards two different visual styles for s&box overall so I’m assuming that they expect them to get a lot of use. With that in mind, having more assets and textures that fit with the pre-existing styles would have quite a bit of application.

The question is, are we getting Half-Life: Alyx assets included? Could be awesome.

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Garry has already said in the discord

no plans to mount alyx content
imo saying to someone… yeah you can play this gamemode but install these 3 other games really sucks
everything should be in workshop

But he did also say that

If Valve want to let is make an alyx workshop content pack, I’m down with that

Since Facepunch doesn’t own any of the alyx assets they would need Valves approval in order to use any of the textures from the game.


We’ll probably get a way to mount it like Garry’s Mod I hope.

We’ll probably get a way to mount it like Garry’s Mod I hope.

I think they are trying to avoid mounting via installing a 3rd party game like gmod does, but if a workshop pack is made out of it then it would work. I’m sortof hoping they dont allow it the old way so that the missing files and textures aren’t as prevalent as gmod.

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Read the comment you just quoted.

I think a universal PBR pack would be awesome, not only for what you said but also to make modding more accessible to everyone. Little kiddos wouldn’t have to make their own textures for their mods

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Is there any current new information on this topic?

been a couple of months and I’m just wondering if I should bother using HLA assets or just my own custom ones.

I like this idea maybe we could get a group going and setup a project if anyone is interested. I sort wanted to do this one of my projects but I think a global one would be a really good idea. I’m not a mapper/texturer/modeler but I think getting a group people and getting this going what be good and helpful people like who isn’t good at that stuff.