Suggestion: Ability to Name Items

Though this is more commonly found in RPGs, but I thought it would be a clever idea to have the ability to name items within your inventory (such as weapons, tools, clothing, etc.). Since items must be repaired now, it will bring a more personal attachment to items you’ve repaired and retained over time. Also, you will know if you recover the previous items you have lost on a server.

Please discuss this idea and what names you would come up with.

I don’t see the point, really?

The only point is to add customization to items you craft.

I think it would be too similiar to minecraft.

So I can name my shotgun “Boomstick” ?

YES! but less generic and more NSFW

Maybe later on when/if there is a huge assortment of weapons and items to craft… but for now since it’s all the same stuff it seems like a waste of time and effort.

Plus in most of those games you can improve/enchant/or otherwise change your weapon gear and customize it somehow, which makes a custom name make more sense.
In Rust you have the same M4 as everyone else (other than attachments), names don’t do anything.

Thank you for your input!

I am not suggesting that this option is immediately implemented into the game. However, I believe that it could be a valuable customization feature in the future of the game. If items are to be subjected to durability, there should be some sort of personal reward for keeping/repairing the same item over a long period of time.

This is Linda. She is/are my pants.

I’m not excited about the day I personify my clothes.
I know it’s just a matter of time, but still, I’d like to put dementia off for as long as possible.

Personally i’d love to be able to name chests so it displays the name instead of “Open” makes sorting gear so much easier


Okay, well clothing aside… what about weapons and tools? (naming would be optional)

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This is a good idea!

clothing aside…
It feels weird outside of the classic fantasy setting.
Bone-Crusher the Axe is kinda cool when you are a dwarf fending off trolls.
Just doesn’t feel right for the survival game though.

I do like the idea of having some kind of veteran status for long lived items. But even if your super customized M4 or hatchet breaks, you just make a new one.

This kinda hinges with the direction they take the game. If it’s going to turn into fantasy/survival, then ok. Or if it goes silly like TF2, then sure, anything goes at that point. For survival, I’m much less interested in the item itself than what I can do with it. All items are disposable at some point.

I want to name my m4 “a Fluffy bunny”

“You were killed by J!NX with a Fluffy bunny”

I imagine a lot of people would name their gun something like “You’re a faggot” (but with less proper grammar) so when you kill them and pick it up you go “aww damn”

No this idea is so dumb, we’re already naked do we really need to be crazy and name our hatchet or pickax Sally?

I Don’t get it, how will you get the option to “rename” stuff, Besides, you want the EXACT same gun, whats the point? You probably did something really bad to it, anyway… what the fuck is the point?

Please re-read my original topic; this is not about ‘renaming’ items, this is about naming items when they are crafted.

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You are not required to name an item, it would just be an option.


Would be a cool feature if everyone had their name on the rock they spawn with.