Suggestion about all this key begging thing.

no idea if there is an other place to write this sooo…
why dont you just make so you need some posts like 5-20 to make a thread so every single guy coming here cant make a new thread about wanting a key? isnt that simple to make? i’m quite sure it’ll help a lot :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, don't make threads about keys" - postal))

Then they’ll start begging in random threads. It’ll solve nothing.

i’m quite sure that more than half of the beggers will start reading SOMETHING before begging when they’ll not be able to make a thread instantly, i’m sure they’ll read at least sticky 1st, its a simple change and is not harming anything and anyone. + its better if they beg in random threads rather than making NEW thread all the time :slight_smile:

5-20 posts is too low.

They could get that post amount by just spamming “GIBE KEY PLS” 20 times.

Or we can just stick to the method of dropping the ban hammer, That seems to be working fine, and it’s entertaining.

most of them just dont know that its NOT allowed to write about keys and they WILL be forced to do SOMETHING to write a thread , they’ll AT LEAST have to enter a thread and MAY see something like sticky which increases chance that they’ll NOT make a thread or post abuot it + its better if they just beg in random threads instead of making all this new threads about it.

maybe it is for YOU, have you ever tried being mod? not so easy to watch out for all that people and do all that bans i’m quite sure. i owed few servers of Lineage 2 few years ago and i know how all this thing about moderating is boring and hard.

anyways i respect your opinions i just made a suggestions, tho i dont see why would you dislike the idea (it has no bad side 5-20 posts are nothing and if someone wants to make a thread for a serious thing he’ll get those easily) but anyways.

theres a button that locks and bans the op

its easy as heck 2 mod

i myself would like there to be no more or at least much lesser of those kind of posts and threads if i was a mod, i’m just trying to help with at least something cause i cant test game so at least i’m trying to do something on forums… i really dont understand why you guys are acting like that, like if i was doing something bad.

simpler solution: automatically permaban any person with less than 100 posts that has the letters k, e, or y in the post.

No, it’s not better if they beg in random threads. That’ll mean that instead of having them relatively contained to the Rust subforum, they’ll spread out to other subforums, threadshit, and derail everything.
That will only make the mods’ job harder if anything, because they’ll be everywhere.

I’ve been an admin for a couple of years on a TF2 server, and it’s not hard to type in “/ban user time reason” after seeing them directly disobey the server rules.

i’ll just stop posting cause i feel like i’m just getting trolled…

How about we just delete the entire Rust sub-section and permaban everyone who joined in June-July 2013?

King Of Hell, when you are a forum the size of FP, you have to go about things a little differently to maintain order. You can’t be “nice” to people with this huge of a crowd of chaotic random people from all over the Internet.

And what’s going on here is that you’re failing to recognize that, and that your Lineage 2 forums are not exactly the same as FP, and therefore the experience is not automatically 100% applicable.

how about you just stop trolling like 10 years old kid? i actually dont understand why would you? i’m quite sure you are not kid, but you act like 1, no idea why.

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no i had a server not the forums, what i meant was that i’m quite sure that mod prefers if there’ll be like 50-80% less people trying to beg for keys, and this method in my opinion will absolutely help that AT LEAST a bit with absolutely no cons, but what i get is just some random trolling from people, while i’m JUST trying to help, nothing more, i’m sitting here for few days just reading all the threads and posts and i’m quite tired from all this begging thing. (i dont like writing much, i like reading, like everything :D)

i don’t like having to say this in 1/5 of the threads i see but

if you use “kid” as an insult either you are one yourself or you think age = superiority which means you = deluded and dumb

this isn’t the rust forum. it’s the section. what about the people that sign up to ask for help with a garry’s mod issue? this section isn’t a major part of the forum, but it’s certainly one of the worst. restrictions shouldn’t be forced upon other posters just because nobody here knows how to post.

No, it’s definitely the worst.

i guess you haven’t seen the oify.

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at least in the oify they’re (mostly) joking about being shitposters, whereas here people just flock to this section and don’t take the time to learn how the forum works

Okay, so let’s take your idea. Nobody new can start a new thread until they have ten posts.

Now you have them jumping onto any random thread about whatever topic they want to talk about, regardless of the context. And, I’ve watched it happen this weekend, where a thread that had nothing to do with Rust keys suddenly got the word “key” in it, and all of a sudden, July 2013ers with 3 posts started showing up asking for keys. Never mind that begging for keys is against the rules, never mind that the topic of the thread wasn’t about keys, never mind that the TITLE of the thread didn’t say anything about keys, bam.

So, there’s unforseen consequence #1. Here’s #2: Someone relatively new to FP does snag a key at some future date when more are being handed out, but now they have a technical issue, and it’s an issue that nobody else has yet had. They have to hijack and derail someone’s thread, fucking it up for that person and pissing everyone in that thread off, because they’re not allowed to make their own thread.

And then if you make this restriction only in the Rust subforum, every other section of the forum (except probably Glod Members section) are going to suffer endemic scattershot posts from people who know they should be making new threads but can’t, in addition to the wave of shitposting that is currently being at least focused and locked as it shows up.

Still want to stick to your plan?

i’m quite sure 5 posts are not a problem for someone who wants to make a thread about something serious, and i’m 19 if you are interested, what else should i call trolls? i dont understand why normal grown up man would start trolling, thats just dumb, i know that there are kids 10-14 years old who may be clever and much more mature than some 18-20 years old guys, but thats like 0.0001% of those, usually like 90+% of 10-18 years olds are just retarded trolls and very dumb people, while 18+ are like 50+% at least much more mature and are not trolling just for fun without purpose or something. but whatever.

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those kind of retards will post and make threads ANYWAYS, i was trying to find a way for the other part of those beggers to READ the sticky first or some other posts so at least give them MORE chance to understand they must NOT write about it or at least dont give them this much chance to make stupid threads all over again so we cant see the normal threads, its like 5 from 10 are just key begging threads . but whatever i just wanted to help but not to get trolled if like i was trying to do something bad, i dont really mind trolls, i mean i dont get mad or something but i would like not to get trolled tho. better that way.

This would just end in posts containing:

“just rolling by getting 10 posts”
“random post to get 10 posts”
“i’m a faggot pls ban me”