Suggestion about houses

Atm if you get metal house parts in most cases players aren’t using them because it’s almost useless since same amount of c4 needs for doors as for the wooden wall.

What can be good to make:

  1. Add strong metal door that can be placed only in metal door way. it will take 5-7 C4 to destroy it.
  2. Ability to replace wood house parts by metal parts. But this can be possible after this will be done: . This will reduce amount of ghost buildings.

I would also like to see stone buildings to make use of all the extra stones collected.

Someone said earlier about a heavy metal door, would be kind of epic having those.

i like this idea a lot, if there was a way to craft mortar to hold your stones together you could make stone buildings. it could be an upgrade step past wood.
just craft the parts for your structure with mortar and stones.

maybe make metal harder to get

I do not know why it was not included from the start. Wood -> Stone -> Metal. It seems obvious to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the house building system/C4 raiding system needs a total revamp… It is ridiculous that we have to make our houses either look horribly unappealing or a maze of metal doors to protect our loot. I don’t know how, but it has got to change.

also an option to strengthen your wood/metal structures with fragments/low qualitly metal would be amazing !

This topic is dumb, why?
1.People are collecting metal so they can build a metal house as soon as they find the prints, they cant build it like wooden house, it needs to be half ready.
2. With metal you can build a maze, so they MUST go and blow down doors since taking 1 wall is 7 c4’s.