Suggestion about the game system

Hey guys and girls,

I got a suggestion for rust player system. They need to make it so when you get shot/hit by an axe or stuff like that, that will automaticly affect your body
You get your arm chopped off, then too bad try to survive with it, maybe they can implent a chirurgical system to you can get back your arm fonctional.
Or atleast, they you hit some one show that you realy hit there and its going to have a mark on it. Because right now (i know the game is not finished yet)most resent game
don’t even have that you can hit him anywhere and its going to be a spash of blood anywhere on the body. They need to make it more realistic, But! not to make the game boring
Because to much realistic that will make the game to boring. I prefer they add something like that then a random rpg system or any stuff that will be different form other
games. Right now game are realy slowing down on new stuff they keep repeating the same stuff some rip off or copy the same system to all game , but change some litte stuff.
Now I know that rust is a bit (in my opinion) a rip off of minecraft (open world sandbox with crafting) but its okay because its the basic system, now they need to add
revolutionary stuff that you can’t find in other games.And I’m sure you will laught to see your friends run around with one leg trying to escape a bear.

I think its the right time to suggest some basic game system, instade of asking for random items.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

P.S. I’m still learning english sorry for the mistakes.

This is the best response I can muster.

Please delete this thread, I shouldn’t have even posted here. Oh god, what have I done?

i disagree in a few ways. firstly, i don’t think rust is a minecraft ripoff. i understand what you are saying, but i feel that to call it a minecraft ripoff because it is a sandbox survival game ignores the elements that rust has that no other game combines.

i also don’t think that dismemberment makes sense. if you chop off someones leg in the kind of survival circumstances that are rust, they will bleed out quickly or likely die from a secondary infection if they somehow managed to stop the bleeding. life is far more frail than a lot of games suggest, and so far rust is adhering to a more realistic damage factor, where players are killed from very little damage and need to consider the dangers of being harmed when they are running about.

will be cool if you receive a shot in the leg you lose speed, or in arm, you lose accuracy… (likes in fallout 2 and 3)