Suggestion about the new MAP part

Hy There guys,

I mentioned it a long time before, but now you getting into the mapping, I should re-suggest this.

1: Storage of user
Please make the map an extra, slot into the carriage of one person. Like a helmet.
So you could switch between different maps. (You also can carry more than one Map, but just see the one you choose).

2: Exploring
This might be an Idea, you need a tool to get rid of the “fog of war” like a sextant.
So exploring will be a part you have to do, and not a thing you just get when you gonna hunt or raid.
It should be an explicit task.
Also you could make a pencil, where you can draw on your own maps. Like “Enemy Base”.
This would be cool, because you could iritate other players (which are stealing your map) due to wrong marks.

3: Storage in house
Please make a drawing board. There it should be possible to store more than one map, and create copys of them there.
But keep in mind, other players might take advantage of it.

The tool you use to uncover the map is already in the game. It’s called exploration. Anything else is overkill. I don’t really have an issue with anything else you said, even if I dont think it’s necessary.