suggestion about the workbench/repair bench

Hey guys, quick one.

Personally I think it makes sense to combine the repair function of the repair bench, and the improved craft rate of the workbench into one item. For one thing you wouldn’t have separate benches for making and repairing gear in real life, so it doesn’t make much sense to have them separate in the game. For the other, it would mean less clutter in your base. We already have sleeping bags, furnaces, fires, cupboards, large chests, small chests, and lanterns in our bases; the less double-ups the better:)

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

I’d be in agreement with this. Having 2 separate items just seems like duplication.

I agree with this also. Maybe you start with the workbench and then upgrade it to the repair bench? I think the only argument against having the two in one combo would be the aesthetics of having additional furniture to place.

Maybe have them separate but have a more expensive option to make a combined workbench?

And I say, bring on more clutter – it’d be nice to make a base look more lived in.

I wouldn’t mind if the large chest was a bit smaller though, like having it’s depth be made smaller so that it doesn’t sit in front of a doorway when up against an adjacent wall.

That sounds like a perfectly logical suggestion. I would personally like them to make chests stackable again. That would do a lot more to free clutter for the day when additional base objects are added.

I loved stacking those crates. Would be nice if they could make it so you just couldn’t stack them higher than 4. Or make a tall cabinet?