[Suggestion] Actual sleep

In old Rust I often did not know what to do at night. At first I was grilling the meat I collected but if my house was to small to effectively block the fire’s light I was luring people to my house. Later I started crafting stuff in a dark room waiting for the sun to rise but it never felt right not to have a real day/night-awake/asleep cycle.

With the reboot the devs announced that there might be metabolism that will even work when logged off. While staring at my sleeper on experimental and seeing a portion of what was going on around me I realized:

It would be awesome to sleep with the press of a button!

It would reduce the metabolic rate at night when you have nothing to do. You would never know if a sleeper was actually logged of.
Of course you would have to modify the sleeper screen so that you can not just lie around “sleeping” and still see everything.

I suggest either a black screen and only noises or a very VERY dark and blurry image of the world in front of you. For example you can still see a lightsource with your eyelids closed like a campfire but to notice an other player he would have to cast a shadow on you.

The main way to perceive your environment while sleeping would be hearing so sneaking towards a sleeper would be crucial. And if someone would try to smash your door you would be wide awake in real life long before he can get through.

i like this idea a lot. to go further, you could regenerate health while you sleep (provided you have stamina).

this way, even during the day you could regenerate health and slow your metabolism, at the risk of being blind and unable to move. i like the idea of keeping sound, since you can be woken up by noises in real life:)

Being able to sleep on command is a great idea, and definitely should be implemented, however I don’t really get what you’re saying about a metabolic system. Please explain.

You would lose your food level slower.

Don’t think sleeping “on command” would be the ideal thing for this. I think in my opinion, it should depend on how fatigue or how long you have been up? The longer you stay up regarding how long a human can be up, should maybe affect your newman. Sleeping can speed up a healing process if they decide to bring in long term injuries. Sleeping has major pros than cons and helps with the immersive environment. With that said, sleeping should require even the lowest tier bed to rest.

I think this is a terrible idea going in a terrible direction. The metabolic rate already slows when you aren’t doing anything and are by a campfire, and you already heal at an accelerated rate by a campfire. I absolutely hate the idea of having a mechanic that has you just sit there looking at a black screen waiting for daytime.

Moving it to a needed thing to do completely ruins the concept of it being a game. I shouldn’t have to sleep in the game if I don’t want to sleep in reality. The way it is works fine that way if I don’t want to go out at night to do some night time stuff, then I can stay at the base crafting, organizing, or any number of small tasks waiting for sunrise.

What the devs were talking about with the metabolic rate while sleeping was, have it set up so while you are logged off your guy still gets a little hungry. This means if you log off not fully fed and come back a few days later you may have died in your sleep. I dislike this idea and see it as a copout for the problem with loading sleepers. The proper way to deal with loaded sleepers is to set it to 1-3 days and the body just doesn’t appear any more.

Yeah let’s make a sleep simulator, awesome gameplay! Can’t wait to put my character to sleep and sit and wait.

I would just prefer to have a fake sleep button

riveting gameplay videos ahoy!!

While Im sceptical to this sleeper idea (since it will be boring), it got me thinking about how sleepers could be implemented in a fun way. How about our character goes to sleep when we log out just like he does today, but instead of just lying there if someone makes a forced entry into the house, he wakes up and puts up a fight? He will be computer controlled (obviously) and makes a fight with whatever gear he has. This way the “sleepers” can be made fun and challenging.

I think as an optional effect with an extremely minimal effect if any at all. It would be cool to have your character lay down like they are sleeping or rest for role-plays-videos and such. Plus you would look like a player that is offline which might be beneficial.

However it shouldn’t be something that is clearly more beneficial than staying awake and it should never at any point be mandatory. If you can craft or anything else during it but it has a vary minor metabolism slowing effect than in desperate situation you could use it to prolong your life till more optimal hunting time.

I don’t agree that it should require a bed, but perhaps the metabolism benefit requires a bed.

So long as the effect remains minimal, even less valuable than remaining awake in most cases, I’d be ok with this.

Why not simply introduce a lay down/feign death/prone function that slows your metabolism… this would be useful to hide in the grass, feign death in big fights plus it would always leave you wonder if the sleepers could be online and if the people you killed aren’t only faking death because they ran out of ammo.

admittedly i think i should be least benefit on the ground, some with a sleeping bag(use "sleep within a certain radius of the bag to get into it), and more with a bed(same controls as the bag). but i like the idea of hp regen while sleeping, and reduced stamina loss. of course, sleeping in the desert during the day should still drain the hell out of your stamina.

maybe regenerate hp only when your stamina is offset entirely? so if you are sleeping in a bed in your house, you have 0 stamina cost and regenerate hp, whereas if you sleep in the open in the desert, you still lose stamina(albeit at a reduced rate) and therefore heal nothing.

yeah sleep is a must, thats the way your body kind off resets and u can do shit