Suggestion! Actually a few; fire, more character actions, post able signs

I think it’d be cool to do these few things
1: be able to burn stuff (houses, trees, etc. )
2: character motions (hands up, middle finger as joke, etc. )
3: being able to write on signs or in books as a form of an ever present communication system.
What do y’all think?

I think the writable signs/books sounds great. I think burning, however, would be a very easy and abused way of destroying shacks at the beginning of the game. After all, fire isn’t a rarity.

The burn house thing would see like a cheap way to troll people.
Just imagine walking around in your house and suddenly you open a door and half your house and all your shit is burned down.

The devs said they were implementing ways to make your own handshake, so that’s pretty much a given.

They also said they were going to add signs and stuff for communication.

This info was on the old playrust site, don’t think it’s still there though.