Suggestion: Add 10% increase craft speed after crafting a item 50-100-500 time

Add some crafting experience, so that, after you crafted a wooden wall for the 50th time, you can craft it 10% faster.
And after a 100 again 10% faster and so on after 500, 1000 , 2000. With so sort of maximum. Say 40 or 50% of the original craft time.

greet Kitafe

Edit: can this be moved to the suggestion sub forum

That’s quite a nice idea actually. Needs to be polished a little bit but i understand the concept of the idea and like it. Somenthing like crafting expertise. I could go on and say that adding diff types of expertises would be awesome.

Example :

Crafting a c4 for the first time has a chance of exploding in your face but after crafting lets say 20 c4 your crafting expertise on c4 go up and you have less change to explode or/and craft faster.

Having expertise on getting wood makes you get more wood from a tree at once or more ores at once ? having expertise on wood makes you refine wood better or faster and makes your shelter or planks more durable or strong ?

Quite a nice idea to discuss :slight_smile:

Also kind of like this idea.

In a similar vein you could also increase your likelihood of adding addition mod slots to weapons after crafting a significant number of them…

{THIS MADE NO SENSE, WTF BRAIN:suicide: } Yeah seems like a nice idea, but make it so that you start crafting things fast, but they are weak, then you make it take longer to craft every time, but it gets stronger as you craft. Make it more realistic.

Self kill by crafting c4
this makes c4 more rare and maybe people would start to trade for it
If the game starts to be more social and people start talking to each other without shooting a clip in someone’s face on first sight I would be so happy