Suggestion - add a "I am Stuck" button

like in Blizzard WOW a common request is I am stuck.

this would allow you to be TPd to your bag or a beach or something.

maybe 1 time per hour or something.

You can suicide and do that. You lose your stuff, a fair trade off for a quick escape.

but loosing your stuff is not always optimal.

I did learn to carry enough resources to make a tool cupboard and place it while jumping. this has gotten me out of 2 jams so far.

Suicide is more realistic though :D.

If I’m stupid enough to fall into a hole where I cant get out by myself, its only fair that I lose my stuff …

Nor is getting stuck…

This would be a great tool for raiders… Blow a roof out of a building, get inside, loot what you can. Oh, you can’t get back out because you don’t have any more C4 or tools and didn’t get to the primary tool cupboard to be able to build out? No problem! Here’s a free pass with which you can instantly get your loot back to your base 100% risk free. And in an hour, you can go back and get the rest of the stuff you couldn’t carry with you the first time and do it again.

Sorry, but this is a rather bad idea. Losing your stuff sucks, but that’s the way it is. Personally, I’ve never gotten stuck anywhere that wasn’t my own doing. And if I made that mistake, the penalty of losing the stuff I’m carrying is fair.

If you can’t get it back to your house safely, was it really “your” stuff?