[SUGGESTION] Add AI to fight against, not just spawns of animals that don't do anything.

I know everyone loves pvp, but I would really think the game would be 10X more enjoyable if we had something to fight against other than players.

I really want to fight AI, not just players, I would really love it if I could build a base with my friends and we could fend off bandits, Mutants, Robots, Aliens, Packs of Animals, Dinosaurs Something.

I don’t care what the AI is, since we don’t have an outline for what this game actually is; its in the open still, please consider adding in some hostile AI that goes out of its way to fight people living in bases, smells meat that is cooking, is attracted to Light/Fire and can break open even Reinforced Walls/Doors given enough time. ( Idle bases with no fires/food/signs of life wont really be at high risk of the monsters )

I’d love to see more AI threats across the landscape. Currently, the bears and wolves are really only a threat to new spawns with a rock that haven’t gotten their health of up 100%. Once you have your health up, a few bandages and a spear, even a bear attack is not a real threat to your survival unless you seriously suck with a spear.

I also wouldn’t mind some AI threats. I believe that there is mention of looking into it in the mindmap, but I can’t really remember…

If you try the game “The Forrest” it has some pretty decent AI with cannibals that increase in difficulty based on the number of threats and mostly at night.

garry doesn’t want there to be AI humanoid threats. The two-legged threat you need to worry about is other players.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be AI threats, but they won’t be humans/zombies/mutants/tribals/military/etc. Plus, the animal behaviour is very likely to change over time as well.

Zombies are overdone anyway. I’m glad they were removed from Legacy. Wouldn’t mind rad animals in this version that drop loot instead of barrels. That would make things more interesting.

I have no real ideas what would make for good NPC threats otherwise, but something else is needed, because the current NPC threats aren’t threats at all.

On one hand I’ve thought the same thing myself. NPCs would add another level of depth to the game, even if it’s just as simple as simple ghost structures that pop up here and there across the map from time to time. Like a 1x3 stone hut that appears to have been abandoned or raided.

On the other hand, Rust isn’t a single-player game. If your server is boring because of the lack of two-legged threats, it might be time to find another server.

If animals were the only thing that spawned loot, there would never be any food for anyone ever.

In Legacy, you can’t get food from rad animals. And they’re only found in irradiated zones. Something along those lines would work for new Rust too.

I thought I read in a dev blog they were discussing the return of zombies. A temp replacement could be NPC newmans with varying levels of gear that roam around and just Attack whatever they see. You could score some loot from them, and if they had guns they would likley be pretty deadly.

I would rather see an actual theme for this game, like the ancient tech ( ancient robots ) Bandits, Cultists, Survivalists, And also more wildlife of course, mountain lions, snakes, etc. The desert might have large pests such as trap door spiders ( large ones ) or giant scorpions or maybe Dune Worms, or something.

garry has plans, but he’s not ready to reveal them yet. Right now, they’re working on the fundamentals.