Suggestion: Add Caves

I’d love it if there were some caves in the mountains/rocks. Maybe have a network of caves with multiple exits/entrances. These could also be where a majority of the metal and stone resources are located.

Small caves would be good places for new players to shelter as well

Would be a major issue for anyone attempting to actually gather metal than because that way you’d basically be able to make a true unraidable base unless you can’t build inside them which would be dumb aswell.

Been suggested long ago, being considered by the devs, but the way the map terrain is handled, it makes putting caves in that terrain very difficult. It’s not set up for hollow tunnels inside the terrain mesh, and Unity does have limitations.

They’re looking at working around the limitations with “buildings” (actually caves/etc.) to create internal spaces.

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This is not true. There are other games with the same engine, that successfully make use of caves, and simultaneously even allows for terrain and structural damage.

While it may be true that the map handling doesn’t allow for it, Unity certainly does. So it’s a question of changing the way the map is handled. There are libraries for Unity to do that, but it may be safer to create a specific map system. That way, you can also control how eventual map editing is done.

I don’t see how it is difficult, just make rock objects extrude outward. There’s already some little cubby holes where the rocks extend above player’s heads. Just elaborate on that. The caves don’t need to be full interiors.