Suggestion: admin-customizable text region on connecting screen

When I play Rust I see a lot of the same questions being asked of the server admins:

“When’s the next map wipe?”
“When’s the next BP wipe?”
“Is there a map posted somewhere?”

…and so on. I don’t begrudge the people asking these questions: you don’t know this stuff until someone tells you. But one person asks, and five minutes later someone else asks. There’s a lot of open space “connecting to server screen,” and every player spend a few moments looking at that screen before playing on a server. I think it would be very useful to have a field of text on that screen that the server administrator can customize. For example, an admin could write:

Welcome to MyRustServer! Maps and more info at uuu,notarealsite,com!
Last map wipe was on 5/6/2015, next map wipe will be 6/7/2015.
Last BP wipe was on 4/2/2015, not sure when we’ll have the next BP wipe.
Have fun, don’t be a racist asshole or I’ll kick you off my server!

i think there is a “welcome messenge” plugin already for oxide

I think the point is that functionality like this shouldn’t need to be provided by a plugin or mod. Seems to me like this should be available in a vanilla server.