Suggestion: Aim Practice server (PVP arena)

Basically just wanting a server that we can practice our aim just my aim is pretty bad and id love to get it up! :smiley:


Seriously though, this would not be too bad, maybe a test sort of server where you can spawn NPCs and test stuff out, like a full-on sandbox. Maybe where you get unlimited access to resources, this might be useful for someone brand new who wants to really understand the inner workings of the game before playing it for real.

my aim is really bad and i mean id love to get it up i watch youtube videos its like they have aimbot it takes me atleast 2 mags to kill a naked and the vids i watch 1 headshot i mean WTF!

^Why do you two use that phrase :v: Do you not know what it means?

Anyways, an open sandbox would be nice, you could play through and get a feel for the island, where spawns are, where rad zones are, and practice basic combat and non-PvP survival.

haha sick cunt i ment train up my aim get better

I figured so, but that wording! :zoid:

ok you win :slight_smile: