Suggestion: An attempt at improving the community and improving feedback for Devs

There is a huge amount of aggressive and negative comments and threads on the forum and while I understand where some of the people are coming from I don’t like it and don’t think its constructive at all. So I have a suggestion…

But before I do, I’ll say something. I may be wrong now, but I get the feeling that the people who have been around for quite some time are angry and resentful of the new people because of all the other things that have come along with them. Things like people KOS (Killing on sight), spamming forums and in-game chat with nonsense, demanding features and making comments without having any context of what was going on before they arrived, Hackers, griefers and so on. And I get it, those of us who are new need to try and contribute something to the community and the discussion AND actually help the developers, which is why we have access to the game in the first place.

So because of that I feel that the best first move (and I stress first move) would be to have trusted members or moderators take note of those helping out. Those people who are either in game or on the forums contributing to the game and the community in some way. Also take note of those helping on the wiki and such other things. Then after a 2-4 week period the Devs collate that list with those who are submitting bugs and reports and block anyones account who is not on that list (anyone who came in after a certain point that is).

Later I think that a list of hackers who are not testing and helping should be make and a further cull should happen.

Finally once things have settled down they should slowly over time release keys on the forums and to maybe online gaming groups who can give them to interested gamers and try and build a community of people who are interested in actually helping.
I also think that after each trickle of new people the above steps should be taken for them also. This would mean that if after a month or 2 you are not hacking and you are contributing in some way to the game then your account would be safe regardless of how active you are at that particular time.

Anyways, just a thought

A bad community is good for a game like this at such an early stage. It’s helping the Devs find out gameplay issues and exploits. Hackers are showing the holes in the engine and to what extent they can be abused. A perfect community right now would be awful for the game. It needs hackers to find hackers and shut down their ways.

Its not about having a perfect community, its about having a helpful one. You cant stop people being rude but you can eliminate the reason the seasoned people are annoyed and you can ensure that any new members are contributing members, regardless of how much of a muppet they may be

What you are suggesting is removing people who exploit, hack, spam and just in general try and ruin the game for everyone. The point in beta testing is to have people do shit like that so that you know when the game hits a finished stage, issues like this are fixed. Griefers etc. are showing holes in the gameplay that can be patched up, spammers are showing that anti-spam in an online game like this might not be a bad idea. Killing on sight is balancing the PvP as we speak and helping find ways to make combat more interesting.

The point in a beta test isn’t to have a perfect community to enjoy a game, it’s to have the shittiest community ever to find and help fix things to make way for the perfect community that may follow.

Actually I said

The ones who are not testing and helping.

Plus, the unity engine has been around for a long time (something like 5 or 8 years) and even Unity 4 is out over a year, the exploits are well known and not unique to Rust, well most of them at least. But regardless with what I am suggesting there would be enough people around to find lots of exploits, especially at this stage. Later the stress tests would find a lot of the rest of it and opening it up to the public when its able for it then would find even more.

I think you are missing what I am suggesting tbh

Every hacker is helping. As long as they can find something that another player can report they are aiding in the process of the game’s development. If you want a good community, I would suggest playing a finished game. The concern right now is making the game work.

How to spot a self-defending hacker 101.
Cheating in a closed-ish beta with no cheat protection isn’t helping, that’s just being a cunt. Especially if you’re not reporting the exploits you find.