[Suggestion] Armored Safe Storage Box

It would be nice to be able to have a storage box that takes 2-3 c4 to break open, this would obviously be able to be codelocked and would have limited spaces, maybe around 8-10 spaces of storage.

Make it very expensive to craft tho

I’d say a BP would be required and then it could cost around 1500 to 2000 metal.

1500-2000 metal seems a little too expensive esp considering most people grief when they raid… so just because u put down a safe, doesn’t mean u can get back to it.

I’d be fine with 500 metal and 250 wood.

That’s cheap. 1500 metal is only a couple stacks of ore. If you want something that takes 2-3 C4 then it should cost close to what an armored room costs. Anything under 1000 metal would be unbalanced.

no problems with an armoured storage box provided it can be broken like everything else, and is not some fancy hidden hole in the ground;) i’d probably say 1-1.5k metal for it when you consider it would probably have a built in codelock.

I like the idea! And I agree with frank and mrknifey about at least 1k-1.5k metal costs.

i would fill them up with explosives so that if they blew the door open it would effect the contents inside and set off a wonderful chain reaction of explosions destroying everything and the raiders too.

Sure, make safes, why would I even build reinforced walls then? I’d rather place my safes in bushes to keep them hidden and just roam around. I’ll make them at a safe distance so nobody would destroy them.
Have you considered that you need to upgrade a full room just to make it secure, which means 4 walls, 1floor+1foundation/2floors to make it the same equivalent to the safe ? Meaning you will expand 6x reinforced materials to make one room, but instead you would make a metal safe, half the cost or maybe why not 500 metal fragments ? Purrfect. A reason to spam them across the map.

2-3 c4? Have you ever thought that you would rather destroy the floor or the foundation than to destroy the safe?

I do understand you need protection, but come on. This is ridiculous.

You are right, buth something strong as scheet metal door is minimal requirement… 1 c4 or a pack of pick axe… :wink:

Have you ever thought about that you are able to place 6!!! big boxes in a 1on1 room ? we are talking about an 8-12 place metalbox… it’s hardly comparable…
(In case you don’t know: you are able to place 6 big boxes in a 1on1 room by using a floor piece on half high)

I agree that 3 c4 is too much, but 2 c4 or 3 rockets should be needed to open it …

Your argument that you will just place them all over them map is just a joke … if raiders make the effort to raid a base where they need 30 pickaxes, 15 c4 and 1 hour raidtime, what will keep them from using the same
anount of items and time to look for random saves and crack them open … --> argument invalid!

And what about destroying floors or foundations while using c4 on safes? wtf do you think happens if you use c4 on a armoured 1on1 inside of a stone base???

I come to believe that you are just another raider who wants loot for free…

Here’s the problem. This is just the typical attitude where you don’t want to loose your stuff and neither you are comprehending that raiding is part of the game. If people would understand that, that would be great, but they won’t ever.
Ok, so here’s the thing. You don’t need to protect absolutely everything. Again I’m saying that you can craft more those with a lower cost than to reinforce your building. Also, think about it. You’re going to have ‘That loot room’ and after that there are going to be safes. It’s going to end up as an abuse just as everything else.

Try to refrain from exaggerating because you cannot place 6 large wood boxes unless you’ll make them go through the wall => no point in destroying the room if I can access them from outside.

jeah you can place 6 of them without touching a damn wall … done it plenty of times so please tests it first …

I could never put 6. Please screenshot.

Pics or it didn’t happen. In a 1x1 room, sealed with walls + a door. -> Large Wood Boxes, without having an intermediate floor. That means already an extra defense and I talked about 6 pieces of reinforced.

I try to find time tonight to take a screenshot (even if there where several of these uploaded before)

Look, I was being sarcastic. This wasn’t the point. You don’t need to secure everything, you will secure the esentials. It’s enough that for a room you need to break the safes with c4. You need to expand way too many materials.

As you stated earlier, you believe that defenders want a cheap way to secure the base and that you want them to acknowledge that raiding is part of the game … but on the other hand you as (I’m pretty sure you are) raider want a cheap way to raid and wont acknowledge at all that defending is part of the game too …so I just wanted to point out, there needs to be a balance and right now the raiders seem to have the advantage so it wouldn’t hurt to give defenders a little help, right?

Raiders have advantage. Yes if there are like 4 5 people. Off course is not balance when you are 1 defender.

Defenders : Base on rocks, reinforced walls, twig stairs, tool cupboards, code locks on crates (you can get only half of the stuff), height advantage, you can destroy siege tower with one arrow.

Raiders: Ability to make c4(after farming barrels, and 45 minutes craft time for one), rocket launcher, ability to make siege towers(now because its a bug with the stability), siege towers that its on my expense(wood) just to get on rocks or on your house. AND the risk to lose c4,guns because of a trap inside a house.

Where is raiders advantage?