sorry for my english =)

Now everybody are building bases on high rocks.
they put blocks to up and break it for nobody can up
to their base.

My solution is:

ability to climb bases using a rope and hook to reach to roof:

This can be crafted using clothes to make rope and metal fragments to make the hook.
i love the freedom in rust, so i think is much better put new things than remove the ability to build on rocks.

another thing,
i loved the ability to remove walls, i thing this just need be rethink.

thats it =)

my others old suggestions:

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you know, I actually like the idea of this a lot.

I like the idea of rappelling.

if you watch rust updates twiter feed you will have noticed this today

RustUpdates @RustUpdates · 4h 4 hours ago

rope material tweaks - paroxum (/main)

quite what its use will be im not entirely sure but safe to assume itll be something like this

Sounds great. Would also solve the ugly raid tower issue.

I think the remove ability could be allowed for like the 10m from the moment you placed the wall, after that bye bye

<sigh> Another thread with a solution to the non-existent problem of “unraidable” rock bases. It’s only a problem for those that can’t figure out how to raid them. I’ve yet to encounter one that I couldn’t get into. Some just aren’t worth the effort, but I can get into any I’ve attempted.

That said, a grappling hook would be a nice addition as long as some counter to it is available. Just adding that and nothing to defend from it would be like allowing twig to be built inside someone’s cupboard exclusion zone. It basically becomes free access to any base at any time with minimal effort required. The last thing this game needs is to make raiding easier than it already is.

Can I cut that hookline with a bone knife? Then its a case of how fast you can climb versus how fast I can cut. And did you use metal fibres or cloth for the line? That would certainly make a difference.

Unless you like to raid bases without anyone home, and that’s not actually called raiding - it’s called breaking and entering.

I agree entirely and was going to say this exact thing, but the rappelling hook is a good idea. It would add a big and plausible change to game strategy.

Oh my God. Add this instead of ladders. I mean make ladders a building privilege thing, but put this in.