[Suggestion] Basic Gestural Communication

When no item is equipped you should be able to use your hands.
When pointing at different kind of entities, hands could work differently.
In some cases, the more you keep pressed the click, the more powerful the effect could be.
The Left Click and the Right Click could have different/opposed effect. The combination of both pressed togheter could give a third effect.

with this basic rules you could do everything.

exampe of interaction with other players:

L: left click
R: right click
p: long click

pointing at -> distant player

L: wave
pL: two hands waving
R: point
pR: threatening gesture
LR: ridiculous gesture
pLR: NSFW ridiculous gesture

pointing at -> close player

L: pat
pL: extend the hand (if done by both, they shake hands)
R: slap/punch (low to no damage)
pR: power punch (very low damage)
LR: push
pLR: grab (these two would actually need player vs player collision, well, it wouldn’t be bad to have that too)

example of climbing:

right now, high rocks are sometimes safe places, what if you could climb on those slightly too high walkable spaces on them?
with left and right click you could progress vertically. With short clicks you could do it quickly but not safely, with long clicks you could do it slowly but safely, and to add some skill in it, when pressing bot L and R you could fall down; also the use of jump could be inside this system, to allow even more skill requirements for certain rocks.

furthermore players could use hands to do more things, things that right now are doable while holding and aiming with a rifle for example.

if doors where free to rotate, instead of being bound to an animation, players could push or pull them.

crates could be animated to be open and closed, you could actually see players keeping the box open while watching inside.

with this the cooking system could be improved in many ways, also most of the crafting i belive; when work benches will be reintroduced, we could have neat animations of your hands crafting stuff.


interesting control concept:)

in terms of animated gestures, they were playing with the idea a few months back; think it’s been archived for the moment, but if the most recent devblog is anything to go by we can expect some new stuff over the next few updates:)