[Suggestion]- Beacon Sensor to help people find each other

my idea is simple 2 players that want to find each other log in and craft a item called Beacon sensor (or what ever you want to call it) then you both put in a code of some sort ( to pair them together) then some kind of arrow will point each other in the general direction of each other, or maybe some sort of beeping sound.

i dont like it

care to explain or are you just that closed minded?

Maybe a flair gun

Hey I have an idea. Hold up your torch on top of a big rock.

Signs would be a cool craftable item. Would probably get abused and/or griefed (as with anything).

Flares are a cool idea too. Different colours using different elements (sulphur makes yellow, bone makes white? Something like that).


Take the arguments against the idea in these two threads and realize they apply to your idea, too. It’s basically the same notion.

Rust is a bit of a different game, and maybe it’s not the game for you.

Nice glasses Ehmmett:)

I know! We should be able to find or craft radios that have something like 10 frequencies. It would be fun to listen in and maybe a signal meter could hint you at the distance someone is speaking at from you. Two friends could pick an empty channel and try to get closer with the signal meter and rough radio chatter. That would give a unique feature to the ingame voice chat that could make players use it even though they have teamspeak/ventrilo. One would risk finding a foe rather than a friend.

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with it being rust how about smoke signals??

I have the following conception: Additional button on the screen of death called “Spawn at” with the list of all sights that pops up as we click the button. Just select “Wolf Statue” or “Lighthouse” etc and you will be spawned near the place you selected.

i’d be happy enough with flares or smoke signals. i just don’t see homing beacons or summoning stones or other special TP methods to group up with friends being something i want in rust.

Agreed with mrknifey, flares would be an acceptable concession. Anything else is just dumbing down Rust…

agree with knifey and neil. These threads don’t seem to die… :frowning:

Flares are a great idea then we can all locate the retards and eat them.

Hopefully in the later updates they will have land marks that you will be able to recognise and work from there

Maybe some sort of end game crafting machinery could be some sort of really basic radar system that could show you blops in a certain radius every 20~ seconds but how can you go from a naked rock bro so creating a gps device that can use satellites that aren’t in the sky to communicate with a bud, who just went through the same evolution process.

F- off.

I feel like even if this existed it would be a complex item to build and you would be able to find each other before even being able to craft it in the first place.

Radar? Really? Go play COD