Suggestion: better early game items

At the moment there is very few uses for leather so I was wondering if you guys would think about adding in leather armour, a simple waistcoat style top and pads tied around the thighs for added protection against the our worst enemies the wolf and bear. The armour can provide a large buff to defense vs animals and blade weapons but be almost obsolete against guns meaning almost no effect on late game but a welcome use for leather.

I was also wondering if you would be adding any new arrows into the game? Iron arrows could be affective vs armour and bone tip arrows could cause extra bleeding damage and often break on contact with a person and for the people that like booms perhaps a arrow with a homemade shotgun shell tied on for that extra punch that is, countered by its drop off due to weight.

I think these things would make the early game a lot more fun and add some more of the weird primitive game style we all love in Rust.

Thank you.

I would like to see proper crossbow bolts, not to mention metal tipped spears.

I trink There should be more arrow types in general

i like to see a expansion to the defaults crafting charts - leather, Bear skin hide Wolf skins And Leather Armour of some sort…

I’m no fan of bp farming, so as a newman it is hard to survive a ninja bear or a roaming death squad. Some primitive armor and better starter weapons would be helpful.

Then there would be no “early game”.