[Suggestion] Binding players

Idk if this is where suggestions are posted, because quite frankly I don’t see any. While thinking of DayZ Standalone and Reign of Kings, they both had something fun in common; cuffs. You could bind someone with rope of metal cuffs and treat them however you would like. Then I further started to structure how it would work:

As soon as you shoot someone (enough times) in Rust they fall into a wounded state. You have two options; finish them off (or let them die), or help them back up. With this you can add a third option, bind them. You can add a rope or you can let them walk freely with the binds. There can be just a singular cuff, or two - I thought both of them out. You can have simple rope binds, made out of cloth or leather, and it will keep them bound till they squirm out of it. Or you can use Metal, or High Quality Metal Fragments to create actual handcuffs. I mean we already have keys, right? So the only way the person can get out of metal cuffs is if they have that key or someone unlocks them with that key. While we are at it, why not add sacks without holes. It will go perfectly with the rope so you can take them to your base w/o them actually knowing where or what base they are at. Hostages are cool to have, sex slaves are even bet-- I mean what? Clans and bandits can use this option to get resources out of higher powers. I’m sure this will get somewhere if Facepunch sees this. I mean they already have the structure perfectly laid out, they just have to implement it.

They already made animations for handcuffs. I guess they gonna add it later.

That’s awesome! I’d love to see this come to life!