SUGGESTION: "Binocular" IS necessary in the world of Rust !!


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As it’s will be useful in ALL prospects of the gameplay, isn’t it?


Or ANY TYPE of telescopic systems that** doesn’t have shooting ability attached** to, but mainly be used in NAVIGATING before any other activities that ones want to do; raiding, defending, exploring, etc.

its a good idea

I agree, it would be nice to have binoculars. The only thing though is that when they add binoculars, they add higher power scopes.

YES, a bolt action rifle with a 4x scope would be insane.

I just can’t wait till we get some coloring options for clothes. Or some method of distinguishing players at a distance. I’ve yet shoot first at anyone and plan to stick by that but it certainly would be nice if I could ID unfriendlies a little earlier.

Binoculars would solve some of that. But I love the direction I sense Rust heading in with the grittier survival aspects and crude crafting. If it eventually lands where I want it to, I think binoculars would be a bit too advanced.

I disagree, I find Binocs to make some things a bit too easy.

Scopes would be another huge disadvantage for freshspawns. But binoculars itself sounds like a good idea

Well ,it doesn’t have to be that way. They could just add the binocular alone first, or at least may be just a button for zooming in the sight for better glance at the far range, but cannot shoot or do any other actions while doing it

Sounds great right?

Would you mind describe a bit more about those ‘things’ you are referring to ?

I don’t think there is any point is adding Binoculars unless they increase the draw rate by about 100% more. Currently it feels like you have to be standing ontop of someone to see them render.

It’s an open world, the render limit should be much much higher.

What about a crude spotting scope?

Hmm, interesting!, I don’t have that much knowledge about those programming or 3D rendering systems.
Is it not possible to just increase the draw rate limited to the vision in those binocs, or may be just the point that the camera pan to? Smaller focus as zooming, I mean

But sorry mate for disagreeing with it. As for my own experience, the current draw rate, according to my PC, in this game is quite high. For example, My 6 stories base is at the Metal hill and when I’m standing on top of it, I could see the people/mutant animal running in tiny spot even in the Big Rad town

I guess I should have worded it different, but I just think, that freshspawns would be even more vulnerable to the “KoS” peeps, but then again, if the binocs were easy to get/find/create, the problem wouldn’t be that big.

I know, that explanation wasn’t the greatest, I blame the “man flu” which currently is raging in my body.

Yes !!!

that’s what I’m talking about…

Just something use for navigating in further distance, no matter how one will use; raiding, self defending, or gathering resouce.

we need prone too

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and if we get a 4+ x scope it needs scope glint

Well I don’t think the 4x scope gun mod should be added now as it will encourage to use more violence on a peaceful-playing style players.

Or if they come to that, it should be EXTREMELY rare compare to those Binocs/Spotting scopes.

I’m really excited for binoculars. I’m even more excited if they add a robust customization feature. Think DayZ. I also can not wait to open my inventory and see my character. That way I will be able to examine how shaven my pubic area is.

I think adding a variety of weapon mods that are limited to certain weapons is a change that needs to take place. You want to add a long range scope for the bolt, great, restrict it to the bolt and make it very cost inefficient. Foregrip for rifles, extended mag for pistols, add porting to shotguns to help recoil control, modify a bow with a sight(not a scope, but rather a guide).

Binoculars sure. Scopes for weapons like the bolt action no.

It is possible to do it at this time. However, the game does not render any objects which are far away from your position. Binoculars would still be usefull but not like the most of you imagine it.

And to say it yet again, weapons, as they are in the game right now, are only placeholders. Be prepared that you wont have M4 and MP5 later, there wont be any long range scopes, foregrips or extended mags and any other things, which were suggested.

This is still a survival game where you have to collect things, build your base and so on. Server Jumpers which run into radtown, collect a sniper rifle, run arround killing everyone, actualy ruined the purpose of this game. Now everyone shoots on sight. I think this was never intended.

I am all in for binoculars. Break stone, get sand, make glass, makes sense.

I am all against a sniper scope. Rust would become Camping Land, or a sniper simulator. Fuck that.