[SUGGESTION] brightness at night

Hello devs/community members I am here to suggest the brightness at night and the day/night cycle.

At the moment the day/night cycle goes way too fast now I know this will be fixed in time but just throwing in there.

Once the cycle has been appropriately fixed I believe at night it shouldn’t be the usual pitch black nights rust has it could have a mixture of bright, semi bright and really dark
this could work with having full moons half moons etc… but this could also work with weather eg. clouds covering moon not allowing as much light to pass through.

Overall this could be classified as a small feature to some people who don’t mind carrying around flares or rifle flashlights.

Although there are many more issues that have to be addressed this can be a small detail which could possibly make it into the game.

like it

  • add clouds and fix moon to change in brightness and from new moon to full moon ------>

effects would be some nights (lets say 1 out of 10) its little lighter with full moon and no clouds, other nights more clouds and maby not so bright moon or maby not even full moon and that make it darker.

Also think the sunset goes way to fast when it starts it takes a few seconds (10-20) to allmost complete darkness.

it should take a little longer, at least 1-2 minutes maby even up to 5 minutes.

Yes I had made suggestion on weather and the addition of weather has been confirmed but yes very nice suggestion you have made aswell

Or you can just use flares/flashlights.
Just try to go to a forest at midnight and check how far away can you see without a flashlight.

i have when i was in the army, at first vision was like half a meter, but when eyes get used to the darkness you can acctually see 50-100 meters (150-300 feet).

and even in a dense forest some moon light allways get through, but in rust the forest aint that dense.

so point broken.

I have found that the game is pitch black when I am watching videos about it but the brightness usually changes in video

well we other play it and it is pitch black at night atm, look up and you see stars and the moon maby some textures of threes agains the moon but eles just black