Suggestion - Broken Bones.

I’m not sure if this has been suggested or not, if it has been, you can simply close this thread. :slight_smile: A lot of people may call me a dayz kiddie, but i think they should implement the idea of broken bones. I know/heard that they’ll be putting fall damage, say if you fall from a certain height you break your leg… Not sure if fall damage includes breaking a bone though. I just think if they want to make the game realistic, they should add the idea of broken bones. Another situation would be like if you’re in combat, and you win, you could get like broken ribs from taking all the damage, or broken shoulders, etc. I think it’d be a good idea to take the game another step higher to being realistic. And I haven’t thought about the way to fix a broken bone, but maybe morphine? I’m not sure. I just came up with the suggestion, and thought I’d share it.

I wouldn’t mind that. It might even promote teamwork which is a big function I want to see in this game.

Yea good idea

horrible idea people will just shoot you in leg to troll

2 shots in the leg, leave them in the middle of nowhere. That would be fucking hell because you could do NOTHING, except wait out your hunger or hope something else kills you.

This isn’t ARMA, I think you’re getting a bit too complex with this idea.

So assholes can shoot us in the legs and make us crawl to the nearest hospital? No thanks.

Morphine doesn’t fix bones it just regulates the pain caused by broken bones or similar pain inducing injuries. A better fix to add would be splints that had a time limit to fix, seeming that days go faster in-game, it should take a couple of in-game days to fix (though I know it takes a couple of real months to fix a broken bone entirely).

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There isn’t hospitals in Rust, there has been a apocalyptic event so hardly any buildings have survived and if they have they are more than likely highly irradiated.

Ah… I remember the first day in Dayz… 40minutes crawling, damn that was cool.


you sure showed him, with your superior knowledge of rust’s deep storyline

So assholes can shoot us in the legs so we have to suicide? No thanks.
By the way, who confirmed there will be no hospitals?

No one, I went with the general atmosphere of the game.

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Thanks. I sure did didn’t I…

Do not judge a book by its cover.

Its the only thing to judge it from so far…

You could try playing it instead of shitvoting everything that is opposite to your opinion.

I have been playing it otherwise I wouldn’t have the right to say anything about it or give my opinion about it. Nice one, your trying to argue with me for no reason as you have nothing to argue about, your just butt-hurt. Haha.

Your pathetic attempts to insult me and imply something I never stated are useless.

Wow, it seems like your deliberately following him around and shit posting him. Whats your problem with CRUSADER111?

I’m really eating popcorn while reading this. :quagmire: