Suggestion: Building Cabinet Idea

Hey Guys,

I have a few ideas for the Building Cabinet, I will be brief:

-The player who places the building cabinet becomes the “Master Builder” of the building zone, the “Master Builder” has the ability to remove structures with the hammer. The master builder is only allowed to do this if all the players in the cabinets radius are authorised on the it. This prevents him/her enclosing themselves in a box whilst being raided.

-Key code can be placed on the cabinet for protection. This forces raiders to actively destroy the cabinet to seize building rights.

The major flaw I see with this is;

-Once a cabinet is destroyed, raider could then build one and place it there, gaining “Master Builder” rights, he then grabs a hammer and tears down all doors with locks, then makes his own.


Cabinets are temporary as far as I know so why change the mechanics now?

I feel like cabinets are kinda a necessity, whats stopping people “honey-combing” the base so you can’t get out or need to spend resources to get out?

At present cabinets are but I remember clearly when they were introduced it was stated they were a temporary measure to stop griefers. I believe the devs plan on correcting this issue without the use of cabinets.

Wait, is the master builder prevented from building or removing?

The cabinet has a sphere of influence, when someone who isn’t authorized on the cabinet is within the sphere, the “Master Builder” can no longer use the hammer to ‘remove’ structures, he can still place.

If he could remove whilst being raided he could instantly remove floors from underneath raiders or remove a floor above them> throw grenade > replace.

I feel like I’m in the minority of people who feels cabinets are fine as they are now. In Legacy, it was pretty much the same thing, just a lot uglier (build pillars all over outside your base)

I think that when someone gets to the cabinet, it should be a request for building privilege (and removal). Then an authorised builder (the player who placed the cabinet or another player with authorisation) has to grant them building privilege by clicking a button to accept the request on the tool cabinet. If the permission is granted on the master cabinet (the one placed first) then they have authorization for all subsequent cabinets in the area.

Hadn’t thought of the grenade scenario. That makes sense

Yeah, as time goes on I’ve warmed up to the idea of the tool cupboard. At first I thought it was ridiculous – some magical box that mysteriously prevents people from building nearby. But as the game goes on, it’s one of those tradeoffs that makes things much more enjoyable. Sure, it’s unrealistic, but the alternative – being able to be easily griefed into your home – is much more irritating.

It’s like the whole resources thing. You can carry around enough wood and stone at a time to build a 3-story medium-sized house in one shot. Totally impossible, but the alternative of carrying a few planks at a time would make the game mind-numbingly boring.

IMHO a remove tool should take time and cost resources. This way nobody is going to abuse it. Make it a crafted element that is keyed to the master cupboard in range and make it cost like as much as it takes to create the element and have it be a limited time element that spoils so peeps don’t make a ton of them.

I have no idea how they will address the cupboard, if it stays or goes but I think you should be able to harvest resources from buildings. For example: I am raiding your wooden base I should be able to use an axe and get wood in return. Maybe only a fraction of the wood required to make it but I should get something. This might seem petty but realistically if your tearing something down there’s bound to be some salvageable materials.

That would be pretty awesome, especially for all the solohobos who could slip in after raiders gutted a place for its guns and ammo so they could at least get the scraps.