Suggestion: Building house on water

I follow this game a lot and now i heard about water - sea/rivers actually working, also fishing already in progress and much other things.
I see building as really really important part of this game and i would like to see it evolve.

So my suggestion and idea is, not sure if someone already posted this, building houses on water. I was lucky person to go around world and see lot of places that use this kind of building. Most of this houses are pretty old looking and i think they would fit great in this game. Houses would be made from wood, leafs and they would sit on platform made of hard wood that is supported with pillars. So its not boat house, its not moveable.

Here is picture of example

Sorry for my english :wink:

Not bad. I will suggest, more islands, where you actually can build on.

The maps are randomly generated. If by chance a spot of water has an island in the middle then bonus. But that’s not something they are designing.

I recently built up a huge artificial island on experimental around a little hill that barely peaked above the water in a bay. It would have (and will be) so much better when we can actually build structures on top of those foundations.

Definitely a cool idea. Is it true though that there will be rivers?

Only if the foundations are 3-4 times more expensive or any equivelant to the depth, to make it seem realistic & balance it, because buildig in water will have its pro’s & maybe some con’s.

I want to be able to build a deck and houses on the water like they do in Phuket, and maybe only have two decks leading to my house to protect from banditry- but they should make it that if someone managed to swim under my house and attach c4 or a few f1 grenades then they can sink it. Obviously it needs physics etc. also structures under the water should decay slightly faster

could be like “dock foundations” or “harbor walkways” or something that cost planks to build.

Wouldnt be hard to implement and sound like a cool idea.

Please this. Yes, stilt-homes :dance:

I already look for the little islands along the coast where you can sort of accomplish this in the current build, I need my ocean view lol