[Suggestion] Building onto other players structures / Blocking them inside.

Normally I don’t get too involved in these sort of suggestion outlets but I have an issue that is very game breaking. I had secured my house with multiple metal doors, full walls, ceilings… etc. Some people were trying to break in to raid it but became frustrated because they weren’t able to get in. They then decided to build foundations around my doors and block me inside. I now have an entire structure that is quite large which is now rendered useless because of this. It really takes minimal effort to do this to anyones house, and defeats the purpose of the game completely. This MUST be fixed. More people will catch on to this and start doing it just to be dicks. A similar issue I’ve seen posted is about people building barricades or boxes to scale a house and enter from the top. I think this should be fixed as well although its not as big as an issue, because you just place ceilings on your house which should be a given anyways. A suggestion I’ve seen that may work would be to claim territory so only you can build on it. Another could be to not allow placement of objects within a certain proximity of other players structures. This would only work if the game had some way for people to group together and share territory and buildings. I think grouping up is a very necessary mechanic for a game that people will ultimately play with a group of friends anyways. I would like it if you were able to share doors with friends as well. A system could be put in place where you can tag a door to be used by a certain player by either typing in their name or through proximity. You could even make it so if you build the door and trade it to them then the door could work for whoever built it and whoever placed it. I look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts and feedback, thanks.

Do what we did - surround your house with wooden foundations and place wooden pillars in the middle of each block - stop any other motherfuckers from building around your house and makes a nifty defence perimeter for those who try and climb your building! :dance:

Thanks for the input, that’s brilliant :D. I’m not sure about it as a permanent solution though. I’d still prefer to stop the issue all together. People could still put more foundations and more pillars on them and use what you have to build walls with ceilings round your perimeter. (I’m assuming the length from center to center of a foundation is the length of a wall)

Very true! But it would take such a massive effort to stop, and most people wouldn’t really bother after that , unless they realllly disliked you :stuck_out_tongue:

Where there is a will there is a way with some people. Currently its a lot easier to block someone inside than farm the explosives to go through their multiple walls or doors.

Pillars outside your doors man, and you will never have to worry about it again!

Can’t I just add more pillars around the edges of the foundation, then put metal doors there? This would mean that you would have to break my metal doors to get back to your main door.

Whatever works for you man!

This. You are correct. What kruezritter posted was a good idea but it would only slow them down and only by a little. It only takes 10-15 mins or less especially with other players to farm the wood to completely ruin someones house. There needs to be a real fix put into place. I know this is an isolated incident that most people won’t care about because it has never happened to them. But people will catch on and when it happens to you its worse than hackers because not only is your stuff gone but so is your house

This isn’t an isolated incident. Seriously this has been posted about over and over, you’re not a special case. This happens all the time. As for the foundation with a pillar on it… great only, you can put a ramp over a pillar so that’s pointless. The foundations would have to be separate from your base, and placed at odd angles for this to help at all. Griefing is common, it’s a good idea to have multiple entrances and exits and you have to be willing to roll with the punches, so they ramped your house? Incorporate it and build bigger. Also, you can break ramps. Takes a while but it’s doable.

Nice idea ill have to try…

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Or you could just surround your house in wooden foundations. and make your house out of metal
so they cant jump into ur house or place anything around it

Yeah, isolated was probably the wrong word there. I meant that it doesnt happen to everyone and if it hasnt happened to you then you probably wont care. But I think its really the most, (and perhaps only) truly game breaking element of the game.

Yeah, but they could still use wood storage boxes to climb your wall. You will get to keep the house tho, which is nice.

The people who support sleepers and locking people in (what I call griefing) are the same people who say its for immersion. If you took these things away, or somehow discouraged PvP and raiding (not disallow, simply have things in place to discourage it), then it wouldn’t be very realistic.

Well I say that setting up a foundation with a pillar in the center isn’t very realistic. At the same time, my sleeper body not waking up after my walls and doors have been blown up isn’t very realistic. People running around and blocking you in your house isn’t very realistic.

This is a game - and its “realistic” elements simply need to be balanced.

What is stopping them from building 2 floors then putting a ceiling on? Thats what they have done to me several times, I even put foundation all around my building with pillars in the middle 3 floors high costing LOADS of wood, they just built 4 floors high and put a ceiling on lol,

There is no way you can make a grief proof house, they could just build another base over ur base if they really want to.

These zerg clans have way to many resources to stop them griefing, the way the building mechanics are atm.

So ive thought about it a little more… I understand the grouping idea may not be the best idea, but i still think something has to be done. Perhaps allowing players to re-place the structures they’ve placed. That way if you make a mistake while building you can correct it. It would also allow you to refine and change your building if you need. With this you could change and alter your defenses. The way this could be implemented to stop griefers that block you in would have to be something like not letting players place anything down within 2-3 blocks range of something someone else placed. Unfortunately, this would get rid of any co-operative building but i think that would play out fine. If anything it would help lessen the advantage that large clans have which i’ve noticed a lot of people complain about.

Honestly, most of this SHOULD stop once they add traps. Hopefully you will be able to setup trip wires, and then just setup some trip wires (or whatever we are given) around your entrances.