Suggestion: Bullets and Player Movement

  1. Bullets should have a chance to break a leg or slow the person you’re shooting at.
  2. Maybe something like Q and E in DayZ for peeking behind cover
  3. Going prone with the Z key
  4. Armor can be damaged and eventually be destroyed.

For the third suggestion, press once to go prone, press again to stand up.
For the fourth suggestion, you can use low quality metal and leather to repair armor.

Well going prone could be a double edged sword, If you do you shouldn’t really be able to move around, just have a cone in which you could turn and observe the area and not crawl around. The grass is too tall to be able to see anyone if they have it on while prone most likely but I could live with the prone, maybe not the breaking legs part though.

No that gives noobs an even greater disadvantage when fleeing from a kevlar bandit

While you’re prone, you’re more vulnerable to being killed. You will have limited movement and you would have to go through the animation of standing up, getting your weapon ready and trying to run away.

Yeah prone idea is good, would allow for less conspicuous surveying of a battle.

And it would help you hide from those horrible bandits that are shooting everyone on sight :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good idea.

The prone idea is great for using the bolt action rifle! (Once the devs fix the m4 zooms farther than the bolt action! Maybe a longer range scope for the bolt action?)

i like the prone idea but not the slowing or bleed option i fell its easy enough to kill someone even in full kevlar

What about the peeking option with Q and another key?

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It would be nice to have armor take damage. When the armor takes damage, the protection reduces.