Suggestion: buried boxes.

As a realistic, sensible and I suspect easy to implement middle-ground between god houses that some people have asked for and the current, ultra-hardcore state of the game (niche game = niche sales), I thought of the ability to simply be able to bury gear, using a shovel and a wooden container. This is how it would work:

You go to a secluded spot, and plop down a wooden storage box. Then, you equip your shovel and hold E over the box. An option for ‘bury’ appears, and a small foundation-like ghost model appears of a small earth mound (or maybe just a large X model), which you can place on valid terrain within a certain radius of the box. Once it is placed, the box is linked to the (now invisible) earth mound and possibly moved under ground or (preferably, as a precaution against cheaters) just made inactive. To retrieve the box, one must use the shovel within a small radius (1 meter) of the invisible earth mound for 10+ seconds (to prevent gold diggers from going around shoveling the earth everywhere they go). Anyone could do this. For example, someone could be stalking you and notice you burying the box. They would wait for you to leave and then steal your cache of m4s.

Buried boxes decay in 24 hours. Also, if when digging up a box you’re within the dig-up radius of some other buried box, both will be retrieved. That makes it possible to bury boxes very close to each other, which is important to prevent people from blanketing suspected areas with boxes to quickly check for burials (you’d know you’d be close to a burial if the game blocked you from digging on valid terrain within range of your box).

This game is all about survival, right? Well, in the absence of banks, what alternative do people have to storing valuables at home? Burying them, of course. It’s realistic, it’s not bullet-proof (ie. stalkers), and wouldn’t eliminate raiding (because it would be incredibly time-consuming not to mention risky going to your buried stash every time you got something valuable). That would stop the “herp derp I placed some C4 in your base while you were offline and erased your progress” scenarios. It would also help curb the extremely problematic impact of cheaters just waltzing straight into your base. I think the game would be far better off for it.

Don’t see the true need for it and it’s kinda just a way to protect your items without actually having to use brain/skill to do it.

This is a game of risk. Removing risk serves no purpose.

The risk remains: you could be spotted digging your stuff up; you could be killed on the way to your buried stash carrying a full inventory of kevlar. Maybe the need to create an impenetrable fortress would be diminished; how about erasing learned blueprints whenever you die? That is realistic and shifts the need to protect your gear to the need to protect your ass. You know, survive.

What would the decay on this be? You might end up having to visit it every 24 hours before it disappears with all your rocks and stuff. I know I’d be that one asshole acting all secretive and burying a billion rocks. Waste everyones time.

I mentioned the decay time: 24 hours. It would force you to dig up your stash at least once every day, to give everyone a chance of getting your stuff if you were careless.

Getting spotted digging your stuff out would be disastrous. What if your inventory didn’t have enough room to carry all the buried stuff? You’d have to stand and fight and risk losing everything, or leave some of the stuff behind. Even if you managed to kill the spotter, his buddies would be alerted and you’d have to relocate pretty damn quickly.