Suggestion: Castle / Perimeter / Compound Walls

I have a suggestion to replace the shitty walls that are currently being build by clans to make their ‘compounds’ and here it is.
It is essentially just a wall. But this is the way I think it should work.

So the way you would put the walls down would be some kind of wall building tool similar to the building plan.
You place the towers down first and they snap about 10 meters apart and then you can place the wall itself in between the towers.

Wall Info
The different tiers:


  • planning material
  • about the height of 1 normal building wall.
  • weak
  • no access to tops of walls
  • traits of twig building parts


  • One and a half stories high
  • has spikes on top
  • towers are large logs
  • no access to tops of walls
  • traits of wood building parts


  • 2 and a half stories high
  • basically castle walls
  • walk ways on top of the walls
  • towers have ladders up to the walkways (entry is closest to player when tower is placed)
  • can have small turrets on tops of the towers (after turrets are added)
  • traits of stone building parts

Sheet Metal

  • supports large turrets on tops of towers
  • has support struts
  • no access to tops of walls
  • 2 stories high
  • traits of sheet metal building parts


  • 3 stories high
  • supports large turrets on tops of towers
  • access to tops of towers (same ladder technique as stone walls)
  • has slopes at the base which people cannot stand on (they slide off)
  • traits of armoured building parts

All walls have these abilities:

  • the ability to place a gate instead of a wall
  • towers may not be destroyed until all connecting walls are destroyed
  • banners can be placed on towers that can be painted like signs
  • walls and towers have a ledge at the top that prevents ladders going over them, allowing them as a partial protection from ladders
  • towers are always upright even on slopes, the walls follow the incline/decline

And Now, Pictures! (Excuse the horrible illustrator skills

A Wood Wall, on a flat surface.

A Wood Wall, on a slope.

A Standard Stone Wall.

A Stone Wall, Showing All Specialties

Finishing Off
So what do you think? Would you prefer these rather than the ones clans currently build around their compounds? Got any other suggestions? Post it all below!

Updated to include Pictures and added more information

Pretty sure Castle Walls were a goal for this week, though they haven’t committed anything for them yet :confused:

I remember wishing I could make castle walls when I helped Grym build Valhalla. We just staggered half-walls along the top ‘castle wall’ and while it didn’t quite resemble the look we wanted it was close.

I guess this could be input into what I would like them to be then :slight_smile:

Maybe that was suppose to be the secret stuff.

That would be funny