[Suggestion] Category-themed Airdrops instead of Random?

I’ll put up a quick tl;dr right below this but a detail explanation below.

Right now Airdrops are really random, which would be fine considering loot isn’t supposed to be predictable or fixed, but it doesn’t make much sense to get a burnt piece of chicken, a guitar, and a mining quarry all in one package.

tl;dr :

So why not shift the content in each package to have a certain theme/category? Stuff like medicine only, buildings only, weapons or ammo, etc, instead of a random assortment?

In addition, why not give an indicator such as a banner or specific color strobe to differentiate these packages to increase the activity at such airdrops? I’ve seen lots of instances where people don’t want to bother going to an airdrop because they’ve had shit luck, and it often leads to airdrops in general just being ignored or picked up by someone who just ends up dying to a wolf a few minutes later. Giving players an identifiable reason to fight over them would help increase the desire and risk/reward factor of each specific drop.

Long version :

To be more detailed, it could be broken down into these types of things.

Food carepackages

Pretty self explanatory, it would contain all sorts of food, but I think the logical set of items in these would be the canned foods, granola bars, water bottles, etc. Not stuff like cooked meat, if we’re to assume this is being sent off-shore. Obviously it doesn’t HAVE to follow the logical route, but why not just change the tables to fill up these types of packages with that type of food?

You could also do ones that have purely perishable food such as apples and berries, with a chance at there being spoiled ones as well.

This would apply to all the packages, but just to save reading, these values could obviously be given a bit of randomness so that some packages contain a small amount of food and those rare ones have a whole bunch. Same would go for guns, ammo, building, etc.


Instead of varying amounts this could be swapped out by a few guns of ONE type, most commonly revolvers or semi-autos. Ammo could be paired with these but I’d rather see weapon crates be separate from ammo crates, mainly to stop situations where someone desperately runs up only to get a fully loaded gun and the ammo to back it up. While they did kind of earn it if they managed to get those kills, people shouldn’t be so dependent on luck from what is in the airdrop, and each attempt at getting one should be planned out (Just like a lot of other aspects of this game)

Medical supplies

Pretty much the same as food, except there could be varying amounts of syringes, or a whole crate of bandages and blood (When blood becomes useful). Rare ones could have a decent amount of medkits and syringes, some could have a meager amount or just the blueprints of the higher end items.


This one would be a bit tricky but potentially the most fought after one, assuming different tiers of airdrops are made visually distinguishable. Lower tiers could have water catchers and large furnaces, where higher tiers can have a kit to set up a Quarry (i.e. quarry, survey charges, and maybe a few wooden/stone walls or build cabs? Just a thought)

Middle tier could be all sorts of useful items like beds, oil refineries, even potentially * resources*. I would actually LOVE to see varying amounts of wood/stone/etc in airdrops, because then it would be something for everyone to ALWAYS go after, rather than see it and go ‘meh, not worth it’.


To be fair, there isn’t much to say about this one. Assuming tiers or rarity is applied to these drops, higher end ones could have a magazine or two of special ammo types, while middle or lower tier could give someone enough normal ammo to support them for a small period (200 ammo?). It’s weird to see a single bullet type in these containers, I get that you’re expected to just research it, but one SINGLE bullet just seems out of place. Now, a crate of them, even if it’s no more than 30 of whatever type, would make more sense in terms of the logic behind it, assuming we’re still applying logic to some of these situations.

Other potential categories?

Clothes, for once. Stop putting burlap into the airdrop loot tables, it doesn’t make sense. T-shirts, longsleeves, pants, all those things make sense, and in a carepackage you would see a lot of them. Maybe you could even randomize the skins you find in them, just for variety (Assuming that this wouldn’t be hurting the store purchases at all)

Resources, like I said, would be great to be in airdrops. If we’re getting food and medical supplies, why wouldn’t we be getting things like lumber and mortar (wood/stone, respectively). I’d like to think there’s a reason behind these aside from just being an in-game gimmick, and what better way then to give the players the thought that someone is trying to help them survive, or perhaps fuel the violence on the island?

Furthermore, water packages could be dropped once water becomes a greater resource, and even oil. Liquid containers would be an interesting concept, where players would have to plan ahead by bringing some sort of container with them in order to cart it back, and there could be enough where most small-medium size groups wouldn’t be able to take it all, meaning that they’d have to lock it down and fight others off or scavengers could wait for the first picks to leave and then move in to get their share.

There’s a lot of cool ways the airdrops could be improved, I feel, but organizing them so players stop feeling defeated after fighting over a drop and getting a guitar, burnt chicken, and a note would be a huge help for the first step. These are supposed to be valuable, highly sought after events, and yet often times I see people giving not a single shit if one drops within walking distance of them.

I think they should add a rigged airdrop that explodes when opened and kills everyone in a 50m radius. This would really add to the whole survival aspect of Rust and help reduce the KOS. If you haven’t figured it out yet I am joking and was just wondering how many people wouldn’t read this far. Anyway I don’t know if I like this idea or not but I wouldn’t mind it being tested for a update cycle.