[Suggestion/Change] Remove C4 Add in Black Powder Bombs ( Siege damage )

C4 is not really balanced, it takes forever to craft which is boring, but the real unbalance is that it blows up even reinforced instantly, there is no time or strat to defend from a explosive charge.

I suggest that we remove plastic Explosives, and instead introduce throw-able black powder bombs.

These black powder bombs are thrown at structures and explode on impact, they will deal some AOE damage, but affect the target hit the most.

Using these for siege damage gives the defenders a chance to retaliate, but also makes it so the attackers can have a bit more fun raiding, there are many options when using these powder bombs, you can easily switch targets , you could even make it so the repair function was a hammer swing, so that the more people you have repairing = faster repairs, and the more people throwing black powder bombs = more structure damage, this balances out raids/siege damage based off of numbers, but also means the defenders if outnumbered has a chance to defend via positioning/outgunning/flanking etc.

I for one do not like the idea of begin a chemical engineer/explosives expert and making a timed plastic explosive, I would much rather be able to make many crude black powder bombs and have balanced and more fitting gameplay.

I’m still waiting on black powder barrels that take up a chest slot and can be set off on your back. You could have them sitting in your main inventory instead of your chest slot, but you would slow to a crawl.

To deploy them you left click with it in your hand and it drops at your feet. Hit it with a torch and the 5 second fuse goes off.

even if a barrel explosive slowed you down, making it work the same way as c4 ( added the torch ) I don’t see it changing anything though.

granted explosive barrel would be interesting, but I am thinking more in terms of gameplay and balance.

I used to own a legacy server and I made it so c4 was never dropped and uncraftable ( and the big guns were also very rare/uncraftable ), people used grenades to blow shit up, it was much more balanced and entertaining.

The point of the barrel was while transferring it, you move slower and 1 stray bullet will set it off. Even on the way to the raid, a single Newman could blow you sky high by sneaking up with a torch.

I see us on opposite sides of the spectrum. You want cheap weak low risk c4 and I want strong expensive high risk c4.

Both interesting, with pros and con’s. My barrels main con is you need an escort to protect you on your way to the raid. Just having the barrel makes you a danger to your escort.

shooting on a barrel full of gunpowder on someone’s back would be nice :slight_smile:

Fill skull with gunpowder, use cloth + low grade fuel to make a fuse or wick. Primitive grenades.

I like the way you think, it adds more use to bones/bonemeal/skulls.

Was a little disappointed that C4 came in rather than the powder barrels, but I guess it was the solution at hand. I’d love to see the barrels come into play, and maybe other siege engine items over time. I’d rather the risk and cost of raiding occur at the time of the raid than assembling the weapon. Lugging a barrel into place and placing the fuse (or gunpowder trail) while hoping no one interrupts has more tension than just slapping a sticky bomb in place and taking a few steps back. And operating a cannon would rock.

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I think the idea is make the raiders spend more time at the actual raid setting up and igniting the barrel. No matter what the cost is to balance C4, its risk and time investment and exceedingly front-loaded. Carrying the C4 doesn’t make you more vulnerable and it deploys in seconds. By the time any neighbors or passersby hear, the raid’s usually done and the looting’s already started.

why not have it both? i like the idea of gunpowder Barrels as well as the gunpowder skull grenades :)))
there is no reason to skip one for another because they have both pros and cons … not like c4 that has only pros … the gameplay would benefit a lot from it

both would make a funnier raiding style and both would be much more realistic than Military grenades and c4 …

resourcefulness and ingenuity! both ideas are great, skull grenades and explosive siege barrels, extend that idea to empty tuna and bean cans, implement a “tinkerers” table where you then use the H1Z1 style of researching i.e. throw shit together thats been scavenged from the wilderness and wasteland and see what i can create, have several types of improvised explosive devices and each container type having a different gunpowder limit which in turn does variable damage, could add a stability variable with the ignition device

kinda rambled here but i liked the idea and my mind raced a little

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another idea of a dirty grenade using skulls and bone fragments - anti personal grenades that cause bleed damage, stuff a skull with gunpowder and bone fragments causing the skull and subsequent fragments to rain out and doe AoE bleed damage…