[Suggestion] cheap and assault muskets, area-lighting rockets, reflectors

1.I was thinking about the lack of single-rounded rifles in the game, especially some cheap one, and found out a new weapon-class. The muskets would be a somewhat costly (its just farming though), no-blueprint weapon-class. It would be fkin robust, and a lifetime to reload. It would work with round stone-bullets, and gunpowder, implemented the old way, no all-in-one rounds. The cheap musket would be the most primitive one. The assault musket would come with bayonet, and would be more polished, with better aiming.

  1. Taking a nightvision stuff ingame would be a tremendously big disadvantage for the players who does not have it in their hands while others do. I thought, the game would become more tactical, if we had something like lighting rockets, which you shoot over area/your head, and it makes the whole area visible as long as it falls to the ground/ is out of fuel. its not a beacon, it would be able to light a valley for some seconds/half a minute.

Also, there could be reflectors (also, generator, and fuel for them), it would make bases more secure, could blind enemy as long as it shoots the lightbulb out.

mester, for the things that light the ground we have the flares, like in legacy u throw them and they’ll light the area, they’ll probably add them really sooon

I thought of something expensive, which has lights in a bigger area, and from upwards.

Yeah like a 6cm mortar rounds that lights a whole area up :slight_smile: used to shoot them in military <3

Exactly what I was thinking of! I wasnt really sure, but its like I saw it somewhere.

Ah I see what you mean, yeah that could be something cool

Lucky bastard:-)

karikásostor nem kéne? :smiley:

Rofl, de, meg hátranyilazás. :smiley:

Would love to see muskets. Primitive firearms would better define the mid-game–hell, could make a mid-game viable. Right now it’s naked BP hunting until you get code locks and a gun, which takes away from the survival progression feel. Being able to craft reliable basic firearms as soon as you get the resources would at least give folks who wanted to stick to basics first a chance.

The musket could even have a single mod: the bayonet. Then you could either add black powder pistols (less accuracy, better reload–or make them those piratical double-barrel ones) and blunderbusses, or just make the pistol and pipe shotgun non-BP. The basic tier could share the same ammo: gunpowder and shot.