[Suggestion] CodeLocks need some changes + other misc tweaks

When the lock is red ( Locked) and you press use on it, it turns green (Unlocked) This is very bad and annoying.

Please make it so when a codelock is red ( locked) you must HOLD DOWN THE USE KEY to make it green (unlocked)

Remove the ability to build in water ( until boats come out )

Fix the floor being placed as a wall bug which results in sky bridges.

Remove Sheet metal tier unless Armored Tier needs different ingredients, Such as Metal Slag/ Metal Slabs, or something.

Change Repair Bench to WORK BENCH and add the Crafting buff back please.

um, why?

green is go, red is stop, makes sense for the locks, i don’t see how this is “bad”.

i suppose they could just have the lock added to the door but have it add context to the door instead of a separate one for each the lock and door.

building in water is fine, no point restricting where players can build other than where the blocks fit, this is a sandbox game too, and you can still raid in water builds.

yes to the wall bug, but i’m sure they are working on that.

metal tier has just been introduced for testing, why get rid of it because another wall type uses metal too? the rock wall uses wood, so does the log and twig tier. should 2 of them go just because they use wood?

repair bench and workbench are different things. i agree they could be the same thing with multiple uses, but it’s literally just been introduced; it’s programmer art made of a large chest ffs, give them time to work.

TOTALLY agree with the OP about codelocks:

At least 50 times a day I hit “e” to open the door, but because I have looked in the general vicinity of the lock, (not AT the lock please understand, just somewhere near the middle of my door), it unlocks it instead of opening it! THIS IS INFURIATING!

To lock the door you have to HOLD DOWN “e” then select “LOCK”, but to unlock it you just have to be looking at the center part of your door when you hit open. This is wrong. The default option should be “open”, and you should have to HOLD DOWN to UNLOCK the same as you do for LOCKING.

Imagine the scenario, you are being chased by a guy with a bow and arrow, you are seconds from your front door and trying to make it home safely. You reach the door a hit “e”, but instead of opening, it remains closed but unlock itself instead. Thanks! You have just been shot in the back, but had time to unlock your door for the other guy before dying.

“Open/Close” should be the default “e” option. “Unlock door” should be a hold-click.

Edit: I should mention that I DON’T agree with the OP’s suggestion about blocking building in water.

yeah, that’s pretty much what i mean by adding the context option to the doors menu;) i could dig that.

I agree with everything but the water bit.

Sheet metal seems redundant based on its mat requirements and its strength. Stone is easier to get, and if you are going to use 100 metal, might as well use the stone and wood and make it armored.

Also agree the lock context menu would be good. It’s too easy to accidentally unlock a door instead of opening it.

Don’t agree on not being able to build on water. That’s the idea of a sandbox. If you restrict things artificially, it’s no longer a sandbox.

The sheet metal tier made no sense as the top end in the previous patch. Sheet metal is weak. Stone should be stronger. But with the current armoured tier, sheet metal is completely redundant. You’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot by using it. If offers next to no protection and is very expensive compared to the easy to acquire stone which is overly abundant and offers over double the HP.

they need to add simple rafts then, or the ability to climb up onto a platform from on the water.