Suggestion: Combat logging / Unstuck during combat


I had several fights with people who would just logout during combat or possibly ported them self back during combat. This is just lame and ruins a lot of fun.

Would it be possible to add something like a “battle timer”? For example you shoot or get shot at and therefore have a “battle timer”. While the timer is active you should not be able to:

  1. use commands like /do unstick.
  2. logout at all or logout but you will still be visible / shootable and lootable until the timer ends.

The timer should end 10 seconds after the last combat action (shooting / taking damage).

This should be added as soon as possible.

The combat timer seems like a bit arbitrary, but maybe instead of that just have a hard-coded amount of time you must wait before logging out. If you just Alt-F4 to bypass it, your character still stays in the game until the timer runs out. Simple as that.

And what about the people who’s internet dies on them? Or have power outages?

Then they’re fucked. There’s really no easy way to solve this issue.

Shit happens, it’s easier to have a Guantanamo Bay approach to things.

Good point but I guess that the timer solution would affect way less people then the current system. There are to many combat loggers right now.

I haven’t encountered a single one.

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Yeah, fuck people who fight fair.

thats been the standard for most online games for a while now…

I have to say you are really lucky then. I had a guy hunting me down while my mates were waiting on top of our home and as soon as we were in range i turned around and my mates started shooting too…

-> He logged.

what i meant was that there’s no easy solution to the issue of combat logging

can’t ignore it but can’t figure out how to fix it

We already discussed this:

  1. Adding a system that would ban people for alt F4 or closing their browser while in the middle of a timer would cause false positives and ban people who’s computers crashed.

  2. A system that has a timer not allowing you to leave would just make it so you alt F4 or close the browser.

But a system that made your character remain in it’s position for 10 secounds would possibly work ONLY if it happens when you leave DURING combat because it would be really stupid to come back finding out you died because when you left someone with a hatchet came up and killed you while you were unprotected.

I can tell you aren’t actually thinking this through. Did you play DayZ?

No, although I fail to see what that has to do with this, since this isn’t DayZ.

DayZ suffered from the exact same problem of combat loggers.

  • Logging out takes 20 seconds.
  • Anything interacting with you, getting shot, getting hit, or you doing an action, will stop it.
  • If you ALT + F4 or lose connection, thirty minute cool down timer (Yes this sucks for players who drop internet, but you are not banned or punished in some extreme fashion at least.)

This is probably one of the most easiest ways to solve the problem.