[SUGGESTION] Competitive matches

Just an idea. Might be really fun for rust to have competitive matches or even tournament play of some kind. Where groups of a certain size are all dropped into a server together and are attempting to do the best in a certain period of time. It would be cool to do a 3-12 hour match and just see who comes out on top. You could score based on kills / items in possession / destruction or construction etc. Would be really fun. Or even as ridiculous as this may sound and maybe people would not want this, but some sort of matchmaking where you commit to a game of a few hours and are automatically matched up with other players and all dropped into a fresh world. Just a thought, thanks!

3-12 hours is insane. Maybe 1-2 at the longest. In order to make something a spectator sport or competitive in some way you need people to be able to pay attention for long periods and 2 hours is REALLY pushing it.

That being said, I really enjoy the RaidCasts that Bugs and others are making with the free roam spectator mode. It definitely has potential.

Is counter strike, call of duty, battlefield, and all the other various competitive FPS not enough? We gotta turn rust into another clone too?

people have been building arenas since legacy, its gonna happen one way or another

Arenas are the likely “emergent gameplay” to accomplish deathmatches

My thought is less along the FPS frame of mind and more on the things that make Rust stand out. For me a lot of what makes rust great (I have about 400 hours in just for reference) is starting from scratch and seeing what you can do and how fast you can do it. The most exciting moments I have are fighting people with much better armor / weapons than me and somehow defeating them and quickly accelerating to a higher level of power. In a competitive scenario I imagine this would be incredibly fun to watch and if the scoring was balanced to where kills were one of the least valuable (which would be good) and destroying a base or constructing large forts were worth a significant amount then it would be less about being an FPS and more about the best parts of Rust in my opinion.

I also thoroughly enjoy the raid-casts on youtube and I am more of a player than a watcher, but these really entertain me. Seeing some of the best players all spawn on a fresh map and see who dominates would, for me at least, be incredibly fun. The way that Rust can quickly go from a group being super powerful to losing everything is SO exciting. Obviously this is not a completely fleshed out idea, but I’m being selfish and want this to happen :slight_smile:

Battle Royale in Rust would be Awesome :slight_smile:

This isn’t really a game suggestion as much as a server suggestion. A server owner can easily set something like this up, set time limits, winning conditions etc. I think the whole thing is silly, like Legacy arenas, and implies people are too uncomfortable with the unstructured gameplay of an ongoing survival sandbox… but like “Warkit” servers that plop you down fully armed for mindless COD deathmatching, there are apparently lots of players dying (literally) for that instant combat experience, and a little variety can be fun from time to time.

Outside of server owners doing some legwork, not something that justifies any developer support imo.