Suggestion: Craftable Bunker

Simply put: The Initial Safety Curve is Too Steep.
I takes too much time/resources to get your character in a position where you can log off for more than 14 hours and expect to have anything when you log back in.
I will state up front that the “Build further away from where the game happens (the road)” or “Play on a less populated server” responses to my argument here are not good solutions. Running 15 minutes each way through wasteland to reach anything is just as bad as waking up naked. And the game should support high population servers.

Successfully hiding a shelter/box/sleeping bag where no one will likely find it is currently the only way to reasonably secure your character for more than a few hours. There needs to be an alternative to the wooden shelter that lasts a little longer. It should not take a 5 hour marathon play session on Sunday afternoon to build up enough materials for a shelter that will last until I get home from work on Monday evening. Wooden Shelter is immediately out, because it only lasts for 12 hours. That is simply not long enough. So the bare minimum to keep my naked body from being murdered while I sleep is:

Wood Foundation 1x - 8 planks (80 wood)
Wood Pillar 4x - 2 planks each (80 wood)
Wood Wall 3x - 4 planks each (120 wood)
Wood Ceiling 1x - 6 planks (60 wood)
Wood Doorway 1x - 4 planks (40 wood)
Metal Door 1x - 200 metal (~40 metal ore)

total 380 wood and 200 metal. Add on top of this the fact that you must gather cloth/food and this becomes tall order for a naked character. Especially because having no gun/armor/safe house makes gathering resources much harder.

I suggest a new recipe: A Wood-Metal Bunker. Cost - 450 wood, 50 metal fragments.
A dome shaped, nest-like mash of logs and metal wire/brackets (door included) roughly half the height of a wooden shelter with the same floor space. It should be just barely big enough to fit one wooden storage box, one sleeping bag, and one camp fire. It has 1.5x the health of a metal door, cannot be repaired, decays completely in 36 hours, and any character can place only one at a time.

The purpose of this new recipe is to provide a bridge between the wooden shelter you live out of for the first few hours of play and the 2x2 fort with metal doors you live out of until it is destroyed. This new recipe should be very enticing for characters with little means without adding much value for characters that are well established and laden with resources.

My proposal here is specific, but the need is general. There needs to be a relatively low cost (In both resources and time required to gather those resources) and temporary way of reasonably securing your sleeping character and a small amount of resources for about 30 hours.

I just want to build brick houses, cement houses, glass windows, metal bar windows, and the ability to upgrade houses with meta wooden metal shacks. Traps quite similar to Orks must die with spike walls, hammer platforms, grappling ropes, spears, pike floors, sandbags.

Overall, I want electricity! I want the ability to have electric machines which craft items for me without the need of waiting. Lights, heating, air conditioning. And then finally at the pinnacle of having all this, star-trek replicators, phazers, and photon cannons on my super structure controlled by robot ais which shoot anyone who would dare approach my tower.

Oh and yes, this suggestion above sounds like a reasonable idea.

First off I would like to mention how well thought out this was and I applaud you for that.

1.5x health of a metal door = 3 c4 charges and that’s too much.

I would suggest 1 c4 charge and invulnerability from melee damage.

Thank you for the compliment.

The reason I suggest 3 c4 charges instead of 2 or 1 is because blowing these up with c4 should be highly discouraged. Both by the fact that they are not long-lasting, and will probably not have much inside them, and because they take 3 charges to destroy. It should be basically a guarantee that you will not gets your moneys worth in resources by destroying these bunkers. This should make any destruction of these bunkers be driven solely by the desire to grief a player who is trying to get re-established. This should be allowed, but discouraged. Hence the increased health.

EDIT: Perhaps more health than a metal door is too much, but it should have at least as much HP as a metal door. 2 c4 charges don’t really cost THAT much, and 1 charge is easy to throw away just to set some guy back a day.

So, silence means everyone agrees that there is a problem and this would be a good solution?