[Suggestion] Crafting Ideas

I’m going to format this a bit better than my last thread.

Firstly, the actual items:
Camo Paint - In the future I’m sure there will be better/more loot spots, so in military loot spots this could be found.
Lighter - You should only be able to find these off of Zombies/loot spots. It’s pretty unrealistic to think that you can just light a campfire without anything but your fingers so this would provide a more realistic way to activate fires. This could have the same system as torches as in it runs out of fuel after a short while. But you should be able to refill it with a Low Grade Fuel thing. This could also be a much worse version of a light source than torches
Flint - These could drop from rocks. Same thing as the lighter except it takes more time to light and does not require fuel.
Fletching Stone - This could be like the workbench/campfire/furnace in the sense that it will allow players to make more things from it. You could be able to sharpen stone/bone/metal fragments (Bone is in my other thread) into spearheads/knife blades to create even more items more realistically. These could either drop from regular rocks or spawn under trees and require you to pick them up.

Secondly, things that could be crafted with those items:
Camouflage covering - Camo Paint/cloth will create this to futher shroud small bases/storage shacks.
Campfires - Better/more realistic ways to light them with lighters/flint.
Knife Blade - This can be combined with wood & cloth to create a simple early game knife.(More about the knife in my other thread)
Spearhead - This can be combined with even more wood & cloth (to bind it) to create a spear (Mentioned in my other thread)

That’s all I could think of at the moment, I’m going to see if servers are back up now. crosses fingers

Link to the other thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1330978