Suggestion - Crafting Table

So I probably don’t speak for everyone, but I know that one thing that’s been bothering myself and a lot of the people that I play with is the issue of crafting. Crafting things like gunpowder or low-grade fuel in bulk can take quite a long time, and during this time you can’t craft anything else. If you’re building that means you have to cancel the order before you can build crates, furnaces, ladders, or anything else you might need. If a friend comes under attack and needs your help, it means you need to drop everything and go or bail on your buddy while the order finishes. And if it’s anything that’s costly to craft in bulk, like gunpowder or explosives, it means you’re usually hesitant to venture outside your base until your order finishes and you know you can put those items somewhere for safe keeping.

In short, while crafting is a vital part of the game, I feel as though limiting players to being able to craft one thing or bulk order at a time imposes a lot of limits on what players can and can’t do while something is being crafted, and usually leads to a lot of time spent waiting around with nothing to do while you wait for crafting to complete.

What I’d like to suggest is the idea of a Crafting Table - similar in size and cost to the repair table, except instead of repairing tools and weapons, it allows you to set up a crafting order, walk away, come back, and collect the order after a time, not unlike the same way you might leave a quarry or furnace to go about it’s business. This gives players the option to multitask, setting up orders and going back to building, mining, hunting, raiding, whatever until the order’s done.

Each table could have maybe a half a dozen slots for crafting and you could queue up multiple orders the same way that you do in the personal crafting menu (the limited number of slots mean that, just like with the furnaces or your own inventory, you need to be mindful of stacking limits so stuff that gets crafted doesn’t just get spit out and disappear). Operating the crafting table would require some type of fuel (crude or low grade fuel for example) and orders placed at the crafting table would still immediately remove X number of items/resources from your inventory just like the personal menu, but you wouldn’t be stuck waiting around doing busy work until the order is complete before going on to do other things.

This also opens up new options for developers (or even individual servers) to influence object rarity in the game. Instead of increasing building costs or requiring rarer materials, you could increase craft times for certain items or resources, making them take more time and effort to acquire but also not forcing the player to sit around and twiddle their thumbs while they wait for the personal crafting menu to finish something. Or you could even require certain items be made using the table to shift gameplay dynamics. How players handle ambushing or defending themselves from other players, for example, changes a lot if a player can’t duck behind a rock, drop trou, and immediately crap out a dozen rockets to return fire with at the drop of a hat.

Anyways, just a thought and was curious what people thought

I’d rather have a legacy workbench that cuts crafting times in 4.

I made a plugin for Oxide that does that called LimeBench and it’s fucking great.

I agree, perhaps it could also allow for offline crafting. There’s no point in making people just sit in their base for hours while crafting.

However, I’m strongly against any sort of crafting table or similar mechanic that reduces crafting time.

IMHO any and all mechanic that forgoes game play and either encourages logging off or staying idle/camped up is wrong for the game. The long craft times right now make people stand in base AFK while watching TV or even leave their Rust logged in overnight to craft… Quarries/Oil jacks and other static and non-protectable assets like this also encourage players to stay in base to watch over their assets… All this is turning the player’s bases into smaller sandboxes where they rarely if ever have to leave. This kills player interaction and discourages exploration and full usage of the map, it’s just bad business.

I mean I’m fine with such tools if they don’t cost a lot to run and don’t produce much either, but when they became the best and almost only way to get stuff, I think the devs crossed the line. Other than wood, I have absolutely no reason to ever get out… Heck I don’t even need to raid either, my base is filling up with more resources than I can use every day.

Totally not what I expect from this game.

They should make it if you have building privilege crafting time is cut in half it makes sense since you would have to be in range of a “TOOL cupboard”

Workbenches in legacy give you a bonus to crafting speed, so it’s not like there isn’t precedent for such a mechanism. You can always consider it more of a penalty for crafting out in the wild than a bonus for crafting inside by a workbench if the bonus bothers you.