Suggestion: Create Additional Threats

Hey again Rusters. I’m a big fan of balance between game mechanics, for the purpose of allowing all of them to have value. For example, hypothetically if “hunger” is too easy, then finding food is no longer is real goal, and becomes worthless. If nether teleporting aliens or zombie vampires etc. aren’t a danger in a game, then surviving them is no longer a goal and they become worthless. Obviously if any one concept is too hard, then it becomes the only goal and that’s not good either. SO with that out of the way, here are my suggestions for today:

Create Additional Threats:
Rust could benefit from some additional environmental threats. It would increase the value of things like weapons, shelter, clothing etc. by providing additional problems for them to fix. It would also help to balance out PvP. PvP can be a great thing, but if PvP is the ONLY threat to players, then you’ve wasted a heck of a lot of time and effort on the rest of the game that doesn’t matter, and players mostly ignore. PvP should be ONE threat to players, not the only threat. (Plenty of CoD games are available to fill that niche)

  1. Periodic Random Weather Events

-Rain Storm: could increase “cold” effect, increase hunger, cause players to get sick (similar to raw meat). Players would need to seek shelter, bundle up in clothing, and/or huddle around campfires to wait out the rain.
-Hail Storm: could inflict consistent small damage to players outside in the hail. Better get inside!

  • Sandstorm: not Darude. some areas (the barren north?) could have sandstorms that greatly reduce visibility. Could also create some epic opportunities for ambushes, PvP, etc.
  1. Predatory Creature(s)
    -Getting rid of the zombies is fine, but there should be some external threat that might encourage players to do something besides KoS, or KoS because there isn’t much else to do. Bears and Wolves are fine, but provide little threat to most players and are easy to avoid. So here are just some brainstorming suggestions:

-Wolf Pack: multiple wolves that stick together and roam. creates something for new players to run and hide from, and something for established groups or players to defend against besides each other.
-Rare Threatening Creature:: lots of flexibility here. Could be a Rhino, maybe that can damage certain structures (I have to now build Spike Walls to stop it from ramming my wood wall). Or could simply be a Mountain Lion type creature with lots of health and damage. Something that would require a coordinated effort by players to bring down, or a very well equipped player etc. and possibly have large amount of resources based on difficulty.
-Creates the opportunity for players to make “hunting parties” to find and bring down bigger game. Loot/food enough for multiple players.
-Creates a use for your M4 for besides mowing down nakids.

Hopefully you get the general idea of what I’m suggesting, even if specific examples here don’t sound appealing to you. We’ve got lots of items in this game so far, let’s add some problems that make them useful.

Which suggestions do you like? What would be some alternatives to ideas that you don’t like?

Hope you enjoy!


facepalm…am i just overestimating the Rust alpha community?

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Weather has been suggested before, as have other predatory creatures.

I think adding water dependence would be a good threat. It would influence where you build your structure. It would also be a risk to go to major water holes as that is where people would camp to knock of noobs. It would add more strategy to the game.

^ Here is an example of a creature, possibly going into the game.

I believe for the predatory creatures, they have stated they will be adding radioactive/altered normal animals. IE: Killer Deer.

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